Humic Acid

One of the easiest ways to add carbon to your soil, and improve microbe activity.

Humic Acid applications allow your lawn to utilize all of the nutrients you provide

Apply Humic Acid at key times throughout the year and enjoy amazing results.

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Simple Lawn Solutions Root Hume

This is one of the best Humic Acid products you can apply to your lawn. 

Root Hume is a Humic Fulvic acid blend which delivers concentrated liquid organic carbon to support enhanced fertilizer efficiency in your lawn and make the most of the fertilizers you apply.

The Anderson's Humic DG

A popular Humic Acid amendment from The Anderson’s – one of my go-to brand names for lawn care products.

This product is easy to apply and effectively builds sandy soils and soils low in carbon to help chelate nutrients and make them available to your lawn’s grasses for a longer period of time.

Contains HAP, fulvic acid, humic acid, and humin. Thanks to The Anderson’s DG (dispersible granule) technology, this product is much cleaner to handle and easier to apply.

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Natural Guard Granular Humic Acid

If you’d rather apply humic acid to your lawn in granular form, then Natural Guard is one solid brand I’d recommend considering.

I recommend 10 pounds of product applied per 1,000 square feet, with slightly more for a brand new lawn.

GS Plant Foods Organic Liquid Humic Acid with Fulvic

A great organic product that offers great results and enhances the benefits of your liquid and granular lawn fertilizers.

If you like a liquid application of Humic Acid and want to go organic with your lawn, then this is the brand I recommend.

Available in a variety of sizes so you can order the jug that’s sized appropriately for your property and save money.

The Anderson's HumiChar

HumiChar is an organic soil amendment which combines Humic Acid (50%) and granulated biochar (50%).

Like many products from The Andersons, this granular product leverages their DG (dispersible granule) technology which makes for a low-dust application and allows products to break down quickly in your lawn.

If you’re unfamiliar with biochar, it’s a long-term soil profile builder which allows your yard to “hold” carbon for years, creating long-term soil health.

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