How to Grow a New Lawn That Thrives

Your New Lawn Starts Here

On this page you’ll find a number of articles and guides that will help you successfully establish your new lawn. Generally there are three good options for starting a lawn from scratch. They are:

  • Planting Grass Seed the least expensive option, but the one that requires the most time and effort.
  • Hydroseeding an expensive option that can reduce the margin for error when compared to traditionally planted grass seed.
  • Installing Sod – the most expensive option, can be completed in a weekend.
These two articles will help you explore the differences between these approaches to starting a new lawn and may help you determine which project is right for you and your circumstances:

I have articles about all three topics which you’ll find linked below. Whichever method you choose, watering your new lawn properly is critical to the development of a healthy root system. Deep, healthy roots will support your new lawn long-term and help it stand up to the heat and drought conditions that test every turfgrass lawn.

The Grass Seed You Use for Your Lawn Matters

I use and recommend elite grass seed on my lawn.

These seed cultivars are selected for superior performance, color, wear tolerance, leaf texture, and disease resistance.

One of my favorite cool-season grass seeds is Super Turf II, sold by Lawnbright. This seed blend features 93% elite Turf Type Tall Fescue cultivars, with 7% Kentucky Bluegrass to create a dense, resilient and beautiful lawn.

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Starting a Lawn from Seed

In this section you’ll find a collection of how-to guides and articles that will help you get great results establishing a new lawn from seed. You’ll find information about when to plant seed, how to prepare your soil, troubleshooting problems, and more.

Starting a Lawn by Installing Sod

In this section you’ll find a collection of how-to guides and articles that will help you get great results when ordering, installing, and establishing your new lawn from farm-raised turfgrass sod.

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"This was really helpful. I just recently purchased a house with 6 acres and went back and forth. Do I purchase a riding lawn mower or a zero-turn? Your article helped me to decide on an Ariens 54″ zero-turn and I could not be happier."
State College, Pennsylvania
"This article was a life saver!! The guy who took care of my creeping charlie/violet issues is no longer applying product . . . this article gave me all the info I need to do it myself, safely!"
Iowa City, Iowa
"This was super helpful in figuring out which mower would be the best start for me! Thank you!"
Dallas, Texas
"I think I’ve read through every one of your articles 100x. Thanks for this site and your blogs. You describe things in ways that are easy for me to understand and remember. You’re my go-to for double-checking that I’m doing things well."
British Columbia, Canada
"Your articles are awesome! I finally learned what my 'goofy grass' is (Nutsedge) and like you say, I can now figure out how to treat it.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I am a 62 year old female just having to learn how to care for my own mowers, riding & push. Your article was more informative than the many others I’ve read! Thought it was sputtering due to the spark plug but now I’m sure it’s the carburetor."
Inverness, Florida
"Awesome information. It’s working and the extra information about grass types and moisture levels for the ground really helps."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
"I got very good information on your site. I have one of the best looking lawns in my area. It started years ago when I began using Milorgonite. I enjoyed reading your lawn tips. Great info. Thanks!!!"
Rochdale, Massachusetts
"I love your articles! Very informative! Thank you!"
Orange, California
"Thank you for sharing all the information in this article. It was exactly what I wanted to know so I can help my lawn continue to improve. ... The transformation has been very gratifying and, as a retired piano rebuilder, lawn care has become my main hobby. Thank you again for helping me make the most of my labor."
"The engine oil was the fix! Thank you"
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"This was such an interesting, helpful and informative article. Thanks so much for sharing."
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