Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss - Defining Harmful Noise

Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss – Defining Harmful Noise

The 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, vision, and hearing… it is through these 5 senses that we experience life. It’s feeling the sun’s warmth on your skin, or the smell of rain on fresh-cut grass, or hearing the birds chirping in the trees. These experiences make life feel rich, full, and precious. If you are reading this article, it is likely you take great pride in your home, lawn, or projects in general. The tools required for these jobs can be quite loud and noisy. Preventing this noise from doing damage to our ears and thus preventing the dulling of our sense of hearing is a key aspect to preserving the full human experience!

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Lawnbright Interview with Founder Craig Elworthy

Lawnbright Interview (with founder Craig Elworthy)

As the Managing Editor at Lawn Chick, I have the opportunity to meet and speak to key people at some of the most exciting and reputable brands in lawn care. One of those individuals is Craig Elworthy, founder of Lawnbright, an exciting family-run business that focuses on delivering premium lawn care products that are easy to apply, safe to use, and provide a more sustainable approach to growing and maintaining a great lawn.

Ever since I first spoke with Craig (and tried some Lawnbright products on my own lawn), I’ve hoped to share some of his expertise and vision with Lawn Chick readers, and today I’m pleased that we have the opportunity to do just that in a short (but really interesting) Lawnbright interview.

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Rejuvenation Pruning Shrubs - Editorial by Kevin Hollatz, Horticulturist of

Should I Rejuvenate My Shrubs? Do I Dare?

Rejuvenation or hard pruning is a process where you remove at least half of a plant’s growth or more. Sometimes even 100%! But why rejuvenate?

Over time, shrubs can get overgrown (leggy) and often start accumulating a lot of dead growth. Since shrubs are usually multi-stemmed, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to maneuver your tools inwards and remove the dead canes. Rejuvenation solves this problem by removing the whole lot.

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How to Put String in a Weed Eater

How to Put String in a Weed Eater

Weed eaters are a great and (in my opinion) an essential tool for homeowners who want to keep their lawn in great shape. However, if you don’t change the string regularly (or correctly) this essential tool will sit idle and simply take up space in your garage. Today, I’m going to explain how to put string in a weed eater. I’ll also cover details about string shape and diameter. Finally, I’ll share my best tips – things I’ve learned from years of using this type of tool on my own property.

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Ecological Landscaping

Harnessing Ecological Principles in Landscape Design: Understanding Ecosystems & Assessing Site Conditions 

In the context of landscape design, ecosystems refer to interconnected communities of living organisms and their physical environment. These environments are usually within a defined geographic area. These ecosystems encompass a wide range of elements, including plants, animals, soil, water, and climate. These elements have the tendency to interact with one another in complex ways.

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Integrating Permaculture Into Your Life and Home Landscape - Permaculture Garden Design

Integrating Permaculture Into Your Life (and home landscape design)

For permaculture enthusiasts, the word Permaculture carries so much significance that sometimes it seems to be lost on people with less time and bandwidth to understand what some may term as a lofty aspiration. We have all heard before that to make a difference in the world, we must first change ourselves. As many practical takeaways as there are in permaculture, that may be the key one. We all start with our own individual unit. To have a beautiful, productive, self-sustaining, and eco-friendly homestead (don’t be shy of the term), we must check in with our life – is integrity lacking in our self-care, relationships, finances, our aspirations for meeting a higher need? When we check this… then the home and garden making tends to become an effortless thing, that brings abundance and balance in all aspects of life.

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Sunday Lawn Care Interview

Sunday Lawn Care Interview (we asked Sunday’s experts 7 questions – here’s what they said)

Here at Lawn Chick, we get a lot of questions from readers each year – either through comments left at the bottom of our hundreds of in-depth blog articles, or submitted by email or via our contact form. Many of these questions center around broad lawn care topics such as fertilization, weed control, soil health, and responsible lawn care practices.

My name is Joe, and I work with Lawn Chick founder Sarah Jameson as the managing editor of this website. Since I personally use Sunday’s lawn care subscription on my property (and I’m a big fan), I invited experts from their science, research and development, and lawn advisor team to share their thoughts on these topics in today’s Sunday lawn care interview.

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