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My name is Sarah Jameson, and on this website I’ll provide in-depth, helpful articles about lawn care. I cover mower maintenance, lawn renovation projects, and help you troubleshoot common problems that you might have with your lawn or lawn equipment.

You can explore my site and find some of my latest articles by visiting the following pages:

And my popular Lawn Size Calculator is a great free tool to get an accurate measurement of your yard’s square footage so you know how much fertilizer or lawn weed killer to buy and apply.

My Journey

12 years ago as a new homeowner I didn’t know the first thing about caring for my new lawn. Within a few years I was dealing with weeds, crabgrass, ants, grubs … the works!

About Sarah and the LawnChick.com Blog

My husband and I would always notice the women in our neighborhood out on the weekends with their mowers. At first I thought that was a little odd. After all, my dad always took care of our lawn when I was growing up.

But the more I saw other moms and housewives out there mowing and edging, the more I wanted to join them!

I started getting excited about lawncare at our yard becoming “my domain.”

I hit YouTube and the web, and applied what I learned to my front and back yard. I’m proud to say that my lawn is now the best on the block!

I love running around barefoot in it right after I mow, and my kids do too.

I’m partial to using organic lawn-care products (because I have pets and kids). But, I’ll share tips and advice about both chemical and organic fertilizers and weed killers on this blog. I’ve used both types of products, and while I recommend that you go organic, I try to give you all the information on this blog so you can make your own choice.

About The LawnChick Blog Today

Today my blog is read by nearly 2,000,000 homeowners annually, and I’m regularly cited as a lawn care expert by a variety of media outlets. You can learn more by visiting our press page, but here are a few:

Sarah Jameson of LawnChick.com has been quoted as a lawn care expert by Livingetc, Homes & Gardens, House Digest, Family Handyman

Not only am I relied on for lawn care expertise by top media outlets – some of the top lawn care brands in the United States have cited my articles or shared our resources:

LawnChick.com Articles Have Been Referenced by Jonathan Green, Nature's Lawn & Garden, Lawnbright, and Simple Lawn Solutions

What started as a hobby blog to share my personal passion for lawn care and DIY landscaping has evolved into a widely-read and respected personal brand.

And as my blog and readership has grown, the editorial process here at Lawn Chick has grown as well.

To help support this growth, I’m thrilled that a few great people have joined me to help ensure the quality and accuracy of our content, so that my readers continue to get the absolute best information available online.

About Our Editorial Team

As I mentioned, my name is Sarah Jameson, and I’ve been a full-time lawn care blogger since 2019. I’m an active member of the American Horticultural Society and Maine Nursery and Landscape Association. All of the articles you’ll read on my blog are either written by me, or personally reviewed and updated carefully by me.

While I’m largely self-taught, on this blog I’m thrilled to share the knowledge and experience I’ve gained over the previous 10+ years caring for my own lawn, and advising friends and neighbors interested in improving their landscape and curb appeal.

To help ensure the quality of my content and the accuracy of the guidance I share in my articles, I’ve welcomed two key members to join me as part of the editorial team for Lawn Chick.

  • Joe, our Managing Editor, earned his M.F.A in creative writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa, and brings 20+ years of print and digital publishing, editing, and writing experience to the team. You can learn more about him right here.
  • Samantha, our Sr. Editor, earned her M.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Windsor, and has worked as a professional writer and editor for over 10 years. You can learn more about her right here.

Our Editorial Principles

I’ve also taken steps to outline and define an editorial policy and publishing standards, which I invite you to read.

When you read an article online and need guidance on improving your lawn, garden, or landscape, you deserve to know who is offering you advice and whether it’s advice you can rely on and trust.

I want you to know that Lawn Chick is committed to quality, accuracy, and trustworthiness.

As part of this commitment we’ve expanded our team to include an “Expert Panel” made up of vetted industry professionals with relevant credentials.

We hire these experts to review our articles for accuracy, based on their experience, training, and expertise in the subject matter.

This is why you will sometimes see a small section near the top of an article which shares some information about how recently the article was updated, and which member of our expert panel reviewed it to ensure accuracy.

This is what that will look like:

What the "Expert Review" byline looks like on our website

When you see this, I invite you to click on the name of anyone mentioned, and you’ll be able to view a short bio and a link to their full profile page where you can learn more about the experience and credentials of everyone who was involved in the publication of that article.

As I’m sure you’re aware, you can’t trust everything you read on the internet.

I hope that taking these extra steps toward transparency and accuracy are appreciated, and help you remember my website as a source of some of the best lawn care information and guidance available online.

Introducing Our New Editorial Series, Expert Perspectives

Expert Perspectives - Lawn Chick Editorial Series

I’m excited to share that in 2024 we have introduced a unique editorial series we call ‘Expert Perspectives.’

This series is designed with our readers in mind, and published in an effort to broaden the scope and spectrum of information and viewpoints available to Lawn Chick’s loyal readers.

By inviting contributions from a broad spectrum of experts across the industry, our goal is to enrich our site with varied viewpoints, innovative techniques, and the sort of in-depth, earned knowledge that only comes with experience.

You can learn more and read the latest articles in this series right here.

And Finally, Something Special for My Readers

Beyond the knowledge and tips I share on my blog, I’m proud to say that thousands of my readers have taken advantage of my free lawn care cheat sheet, in which I lay out a detailed plan of exactly what to do and when to do it for a low maintenance lawn you can be proud of.

Thank you for visiting my site! I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you. I hope you’ll share your experience with me and others in the comments, or contact me directly to share your feedback!


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