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My name is Sarah, and on this website I’ll provide in-depth, helpful articles about lawn care. I cover mower maintenance, lawn renovation projects, and help you troubleshoot common problems that you might have with your lawn or lawn equipment.

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And my popular Lawn Size Calculator is a great free tool to get an accurate measurement of your yard’s square footage so you know how much fertilizer or lawn weed killer to buy and apply.

My Journey

12 years ago as a new homeowner I didn’t know the first thing about caring for my new lawn. Within a few years I was dealing with weeds, crabgrass, ants, grubs … the works!

About Sarah and the LawnChick.com Blog

My husband and I would always notice the women in our neighborhood out on the weekends with their mowers. At first I thought that was a little odd. After all, my dad always took care of our lawn when I was growing up.

But the more I saw other moms and housewives out there mowing and edging, the more I wanted to join them!

I started getting excited about lawncare at our yard becoming “my domain.”

I hit YouTube and the web, and applied what I learned to my front and back yard. I’m proud to say that my lawn is now the best on the block!

I love running around barefoot in it right after I mow, and my kids do too.

I’m partial to using organic lawn-care products (because I have pets and kids). But, I’ll share tips and advice about both chemical and organic fertilizers and weed killers on this blog. I’ve used both types of products, and while I recommend that you go organic, I try to give you all the information on this blog so you can make your own choice.

About The LawnChick Blog Today

Today my blog is read by nearly 2,000,000 homeowners annually, and I’m regularly cited as a lawn care expert by a variety of media outlets. Here are just a few:

Beyond the knowledge and tips I share on my blog, I’m proud to say that thousands of my readers have taken advantage of my free lawn care cheat sheet, in which I lay out a detailed plan of exactly what to do and when to do it for a low maintenance lawn you can be proud of.

Thank you for visiting my site! I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you. I hope you’ll share your experience with me and others in the comments!


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