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About My Lawn Care Blog

My name is Sarah Jameson and on this website I share my lawn care knowledge and experience so you can maintain a yard that you’ll use, enjoy, and be proud of without breaking the bank or constantly feeling behind on lawn projects.

Mowing the lawn, edging, and looking after the garden beds were all part of my weekly chores as a kid. Now, as a homeowner and a full time lawn care blogger, I’ve learned a lot about modern lawn care best practices.

I’m not a professional, but I have over 15 years of hands-on experience caring for my lawn and property. On this site I share what I know. 

There’s something for readers of every skill and experience level here:

  • Traditional lawn care tips
  • Lawn renovation how-to guides
  • Weed identification and eradication plans
  • Turfgrass, xeroscape & pollinator-friendly yard tutorials

On this site I present your best options for both organic lawn care and lawn maintenance practices for those who don’t mind using some herbicides or pesticides (but want to do so in a responsible way).

Popular Resources

Try some of Lawn Chick’s most popular tools! We create these custom FREE resources to save you time, money, and empower you with the information you need to step up your lawn care game.

Find Your Yard's Precise Square Footage

My free lawn measuring tool allows you to quickly use satellite imagery to plot the areas of your yard you want to measure for a precise square footage calculation.

Spread The Perfect Amount of Seed

Make sure you order enough seed for your next seeding or overseeding project! This free tool tells you exactly what you need based on your lawn size, location, and grass type.

What Makes Lawn Chick Different From Other Lawn Care Blogs?

While Lawn Chick started out as a hobby, my blog is now read by over two million homeowners annually, and I’m regularly cited as an expert source of lawn care knowledge in publications you’ve probably heard of and read. You can visit my press page to learn more, but here are a few publications where you may have read my lawn care tips: Has Been Cited and Referenced on,,, and

I don’t take my readers for granted. I know that you’re counting on me for information that you’ll use to improve your property. As a result, I’ve started to take extra steps toward making my articles different from a lot of the information you’ll find published on the web.

  • I’ve created an expert panel, hiring credentialed horticulturists, Master Gardeners, and turfgrass specialists to read and review every article published on my website to ensure the accuracy of the information and guidance we share on this blog. 
  • I now work with a small team of talented editors to help ensure the articles I publish are clear, well-sourced, and easy-to-read.
  • We publish our own extensive research on topics of interest to our readers – in particular we focus on cutting through the marketing double-talk to allow our readers to make informed choices. Our article sharing data about TrueGreen cost and pricing is a good example.
  • Additionally, I have developed a new and robust review process, so we can provide the most accurate and impartial analysis of products and services that we test and evaluate for our readers.

These extra steps are taken with you, my readers, in mind. By combining my earned knowledge and hands-on experience caring for my own lawn with the knowledge and training of credentialed experts, I’m able to ensure my articles are accurate and clear in ways that many other blogs and publishers do not.

You can read more about Lawn Chick’s publishing standards on my editorial policy page.

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Popular Lawn Care Guides

Ready to take on a project or learn some basic skills to improve your yard?  These articles are a good place to start.

Find The Lawn Guide You're Looking For

If you’re not sure where to go next, the links below will help you find the lawn care resources you’re looking for.

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"This was really helpful. I just recently purchased a house with 6 acres and went back and forth. Do I purchase a riding lawn mower or a zero-turn? Your article helped me to decide on an Ariens 54″ zero-turn and I could not be happier."
State College, Pennsylvania
"This article was a life saver!! The guy who took care of my creeping charlie/violet issues is no longer applying product . . . this article gave me all the info I need to do it myself, safely!"
Iowa City, Iowa
"This was super helpful in figuring out which mower would be the best start for me! Thank you!"
Dallas, Texas
"I think I’ve read through every one of your articles 100x. Thanks for this site and your blogs. You describe things in ways that are easy for me to understand and remember. You’re my go-to for double-checking that I’m doing things well."
British Columbia, Canada
"Your articles are awesome! I finally learned what my 'goofy grass' is (Nutsedge) and like you say, I can now figure out how to treat it.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
"I am a 62 year old female just having to learn how to care for my own mowers, riding & push. Your article was more informative than the many others I’ve read! Thought it was sputtering due to the spark plug but now I’m sure it’s the carburetor."
Inverness, Florida
"Awesome information. It’s working and the extra information about grass types and moisture levels for the ground really helps."
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
"I got very good information on your site. I have one of the best looking lawns in my area. It started years ago when I began using Milorgonite. I enjoyed reading your lawn tips. Great info. Thanks!!!"
Rochdale, Massachusetts
"I love your articles! Very informative! Thank you!"
Orange, California
"Thank you for sharing all the information in this article. It was exactly what I wanted to know so I can help my lawn continue to improve. ... The transformation has been very gratifying and, as a retired piano rebuilder, lawn care has become my main hobby. Thank you again for helping me make the most of my labor."
"The engine oil was the fix! Thank you"
Alexandria, Virginia
"This was such an interesting, helpful and informative article. Thanks so much for sharing."
Baltimore, Maryland
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Core Practices to Achieve Success with Your Lawn

Lawn Care Principle 1 - Apply Pre-Emergent & Fertilizer at the Right Times
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide (either organic or chemical) before annual weed seeds germinate in the spring.
  • Fertilize your lawn at the right times and with the right product (NPK ratio) to support your lawn’s health all season.
Lawn Care Principle - Maintain Your Mower and Mow at the Right Height and Frequency
  • Make time each year for seasonal maintenance to your mower to extend its life.
  • Mow high to encourage deep root growth and prevent weeds.
  • Cut no more than 1/3 of the length of your grass blades when you mow.
Lawn Care Principle 3 - Ensure Your Lawn Gets 1" of Water Weekly. Water Deeply and Infrequently to Stimulate Deep Root Growth.
  • Most lawns require 1 inch of rainfall or irrigation each week to thrive. Use a gauge or app to monitor rainfall and supplement when needed.
  • Water deeply and infrequently to encourage deep root growth and grow a more resilient lawn.

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