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If you need to get in touch with Sarah to ask a question, report an issue with an article, or to discuss a marketing partnership opportunity, please use the contact form below.

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Please Note – at LawnChick.com we do not ever accept guest posts, link insertion requests, or similar. We adhere to strict publishing standards and will only publish articles written in-house.

We will only link off to reputable third-party sources we trust or have some familiarity with. 

Any and all pitches of this nature will be ignored.

What to Expect In Terms of Response Time

The popularity of my blog is a blessing, but the volume of inquiries I receive can be a challenge. 

As a result, I sometimes can’t respond to every message I receive as quickly as I would like to. 

Please understand that I do read every single message, but it may take some time before I’m able to reply to you. 

I appreciate your patience.

What You Can Do to Get a Faster (and better) Reply

If you’re writing about a specific lawn care issue or concern, you can help me reply faster by including some basic information that will help me diagnose your problem and get back to you with a helpful reply.

Try to include as much information as possible, in particular:

  • Where you’re located,
  • The type of grass in your lawn (if you know it), and
  • Any relevant information about when you first noticed the issue. (for example, did it happen a few weeks after fertilization, after a heavy rain, after an especially hot week, etc.)

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I appreciate your interest in advertising on LawnChick.com! We have a highly engaged audience of over 2 million homeowners who read our lawn care and landscaping articles each year.

We use Mediavine to manage display ads on our website, and you can quickly set up your Lawn Chick ad campaign by visiting this link.

It’s a simple, 4-step process which involves:

  • Providing some basic information about your company,
  • Adding creatives for your ad campaign,
  • Choosing the dates during which you want your campaign to run, and
  • Setting your budget and completing a secure checkout.

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