Nicole Forsyth, M.S.

Nicole Forsyth

Certified Landscape Design Professional, Horticulturist & Arborist

Nicole Forsyth is a passionate Instructor of Plant Science at an agricultural vocational high school, and a certified landscape design professional, certified horticulturist, certified arborist, and the CEO of NF Landscape Design and Horticultural Consulting. Nicole’s core value is to transform outdoor spaces into living works of art that not only enhance the natural beauty of the environment, but also enrich the lives of her clients. She believes that harmony between nature and human design can create spaces that inspire, rejuvenate, and connect people with the world around them.

Areas of Expertise

Landscape Design, Horticulture, Landscape Contracting & Maintenance, Environmental Science, Botany, Soil Science, Plant Health Care, Urban Planning, Arboriculture & Forestry, Floral Design, Turf Management, and  Plant Identification.

Member Of

Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals Logo - Nicole Forsyth is an Active Member of MLP  Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association    Massachusetts Arborists Association



  • Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional
  • Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist
  • Massachusetts Certified Arborist

Professional Experience

  • Instructor of Plant Science – Norfolk County Agricultural High School
  • Chief Executive Officer – NF Landscape Design & Horticultural Consulting
  • Landscape Design Professional – BC Murphy Landscape & Design, Inc.

Nicole's Latest Articles

Benefits of Native Plants

Harnessing Ecological Principles in Landscape Design: The Benefits to Incorporating Native Plants

Dive into the world of sustainable landscape design with Horticulturist Nicole Forsyth’s enlightening piece on the power of native plants. In this article Nicole offers a compelling exploration of how these resilient flora not only conserve resources but also enrich local ecosystems and beautify spaces. This second installment in a series unveils the critical role native species play in fostering biodiversity and ecological balance.

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Ecological Landscaping

Harnessing Ecological Principles in Landscape Design: Understanding Ecosystems & Assessing Site Conditions 

Nicole Forsyth, M.S., a distinguished educator and certified horticulturist, arborist, and landscape design professional, shares her expertise on incorporating ecological principles into landscape design. Emphasizing the importance of understanding local ecosystems and assessing site conditions, Nicole offers a holistic approach to creating sustainable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces that harmonize with nature’s rhythms. This insightful piece invites readers to reimagine their landscapes through the lens of ecological sustainability, blending artistry with environmental stewardship.

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