15-0-15 Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

Protect the waterways while greening up your lawn? Yes, please!

These phosphorus-free liquid fertilizers are a wonderful way to feed and sustain lawns during the heat of summer.

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Simple Lawn Solutions Superior Nitrogen & Potash (15-0-15)

I really love this product from Simple Lawn Solutions for a couple of reasons. Not only does it offer terrific Nitrogen and Potassium that is immediately accessible to turf, but it also contains Humic Acid to aid in nutrient uptake. It’s a potent combination that delivers superior results.

1 ounce will cover 100 square feet of lawn, so it’s easy to do the math and order the amount you’ll need for your property.

32 ounces = 3,200 sq feet / 1 gallon = 12,800 sq feet / 2.5 gallons = 32,000 sq feet

PetraTools 15-0-15 Fertilizer for Green Grass

Made in the USA, PetraTools offers some top-quality liquid lawn fertilizer and lawn care products. You can’t go wrong with this phosphorus-free offering.

This liquid 15-0-15 fertilizer is available in two sizes:

  • 32 ounce (6,400 square feet of coverage), and
  • 1 gallon (25,600 square feet of coverage)

You may need to use slightly more than these recommended coverage values if your lawn is deficient in nutrients.

LawnStar Balanced 15-0-15 Liquid Fertilizer (phosphorus-free)

Whether you live in an area with restrictions on the use of phosphorus to fertilize turf, or simply want to apply a phosphorus-free fertilizer with a nod toward protecting local waterways, this is a great product from a company that you can depend on for quality.

This fertilizer combines both fast and slow-release nitrogen, which gives you both the rapid green-up and the sustained performance most of us desire when fertilizing our lawns. 

Their 32 ounce hose-end sprayer bottle works well and covers 4,000 square feet of lawn.

Why Phosphorus-Free Fertilizer

Why Phosphorus Free Fertilizer

When you want to feed your lawn and support overall plant health and promote green leaf growth, phosphorus-free 15-0-15 is a great fertilizer ratio.

Plants need phosphorus (mostly for root growth), but phosphorus run-off harms waterways. So when I can, I try to reduce how much I apply to my lawn, even though my state does not have laws banning its use on residential lawns (some do, check your local regulations). If you do have restrictions to phosphorus use, these fertilizers will be your go-to.

I’m a big fan of foliar feeding with a liquid lawn fertilizer, which can often lead to improved nutrient uptake and more visible results in your yard.

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