3-18-18 Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

Formulated with a helpful blend of key macronutrients, liquid lawn fertilizer in this ratio is ideal for encouraging grass health and stimulating root growth toward the end of the season.

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Simple Lawn Solutions Ultimate 3-18-18 NPK Liquid Lawn Food

My top pick as the best all-around 3-18-18 liquid lawn fertilizer, Simple Lawn Solutions is a solid choice for most users.

This liquid fertilizer comes with a hose-end sprayer and is designed to cover up to 3,200 sq feet. It’s the best option for most homeowners with a small lot and no room for extra equipment (all you need is a hose).

Homeowners with larger properties may want to buy a larger volume and apply with a backpack sprayer.

Covington Naturals Liquid Lawn Fertilizer (3-18-18)

Made in the USA, this product from Covington Naturals is a high quality fertilizer designed to provide long-term nutrients to the roots and turf in your lawn.

The manufacturer recommends an application rate of 10 ounces per 1,000 sq feet for deficient lawns, and 5 ounces per 1,000 sq feet for maintenance. 

Their 32 ounce container will cover 3,200 – 6,400 sq feet depending upon your lawn’s nutrient needs.

ECO Lawn & Garden Liquid Fertilizer (3-18-18)

A quality 3-18-18 liquid fertilizer with nutrients that are immediately accessible to your turfgrass. 

Eco Lawn & Garden uses only natural, nontoxic, food grade raw materials in their products, and this fertilizer has bio-stimulants for excellent results.

The manufacturer recommends an application rate of 3-10 ounces per 1,000 square feet of lawn. A 1 gallon bottle will cover 12,800 sq feet at a high application rate, and 42,666 sq feet at a low application rate.

Why Macro-Nutrient Ratios Matter

Explaining N-P-K Macro-Nutrients

All fertilizers are not created equal, and using the right blend of nutrients at the right time of year will produce the best results for your lawn. 

Each of the macro-nutrients you see listed on a fertilizers label supports a different part of your grass. Liquid lawn fertilizer at or near a 3-18-18 ratio supports vigorous root growth and helps maintain the overall health and well-being of your lawn.

I’m a big fan of foliar feeding with a liquid lawn fertilizer, which can often lead to improved nutrient uptake and more visible results in your yard.

Important Note: Phosphorus runoff poses a threat to water quality. In certain states, the application of phosphorus-containing fertilizer on lawns or turfgrass is restricted or prohibited. Check your local laws prior to purchase, and give some thought to whether your yard actually requires application of a fertilizer high in phosphorus. Always apply these products responsibly, and dispose of any excess fertilizer in the proper way by contacting your local household hazardous waste disposal facility.

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