Starter Fertilizer for New Lawns

Get your new grass off to a great start by providing the perfect nutrient ratio for healthy root growth and rapid development.

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The Andersons Premium New Lawn Starter Fertilizer (20-27-5)

The Andersons is one of the best brands for premium lawn care products, and this is my preferred starter fertilizer from their line.

I like that this product has an excellent formulation of macronutrients for new sod or grass seedlings. 

It also contains key micronutrients to support balanced soil nutrient levels, including 1% Iron for a deep, healthy green color on your new grass.

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One 18 pound bag will cover 5,000 square feet

Scotts Turf Builder Triple Action Built for Seeding (21-22-4)

If you are planning to seed (or overseed) your lawn in the spring you’ll face the challenge of annual weeds, which will try to germinate at the same time and will compete with your new grass for space and nutrients. 

Very few pre-emergents will block crabgrass and other annual weeds while allowing grass seed to germinate (they often block grass seed as well).

This product not only helps to suppress annual weed germination, but it allows your grass seed to germinate without issue, and it’s quick-release formula offers a whopping dose of Nitrogen and Phosphorus to give your new lawn a great start.

Highly recommended.

One bag will cover 4,000 square feet

Ferti-Lome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer (9-13-7)

A rock-solid starter fertilizer for lawns that already have a nice balance of macro-nutrients in the soil. Also contains Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese & Zinc – important micro-nutrients for turfgrass.

This product is available in 4 sizes, making it easy to order exactly what you need for your yard without wasting money:

  • 4 pound bag (1,000 square feet)
  • 10 pound bag (2,500 square feet)
  • 20 pound bag (5,000 square feet)
  • 40 pound bag (10,000 square feet)

Greenview Starter Fertilizer (10-18-10)

Greenview makes some nice lawn care products, and their starter fertilizer is one I recommend for homeowners who are short on time or who like to be more hands off.

I say this because the nitrogen in Greenview’s starter fertilizer includes a blend of both immediate release and slow-release Nitrogen, meaning you won’t have to do a follow-up fertilization of your new lawn for 2 months.

Saving time and money is a win-win in my book!

One 16 pound bag will cover 5,000 square feet

Why Starter Fertilizer is Important

Explaining N-P-K Macro-Nutrients

All fertilizers are not created equal, and using the right blend of nutrients at the right time will yield great results for your lawn. 

Each of the macro-nutrients you see listed on a fertilizers label supports a different part of your grass.

Starter fertilizers are typically higher in phosphorus, a nutrient which promotes rapid and strong root develop in your new grass, helping it to handle the rigors of drought and foot traffic.

The nutrients in starter fertilizer are also typically quick-release, making them available in their entirety to your young grass and new lawn.

Important Note: Phosphorus runoff poses a threat to water quality. In certain states, the application of phosphorus-containing fertilizer on lawns or turfgrass is restricted or prohibited. Check your local laws prior to purchase, and give some thought to whether your yard actually requires application of a fertilizer high in phosphorus. Always apply these products responsibly, and dispose of any excess fertilizer in the proper way by contacting your local household hazardous waste disposal facility.

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