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Meet our Experts and learn more about our editorial process.

Here at Lawn Chick, we are committed to publishing accurate, useful, and trustworthy articles that our readers can rely on for the very best advice. We understand that when searching online for answers to lawn care and landscaping questions, it’s important you find sources that have the expertise and knowledge needed to deliver the goods.

Get to Know Lawn Chick's Expert Panel MembersWe are committed to being one of those trusted sources of information.

That’s why we’ve published a detailed editorial policy, and have created an expert panel made up of credentialed horticulturists.

This impartial review board brings both

  • years of first-hand practical expertise earned in the field, and
  • deep academic plant knowledge and training

to Lawn Chick.

Which Articles and Topics are Reviewed?

100% of Our Articles are Expert Certified

Our Managing Editor and Senior Editor work to ensure every article we publish is clear, accurate, and easy to read and understand, and our experts review every single article we publish for factual inaccuracies or any sign of confusing or misleading information.Β 

We’re proud to say that as of March 2024, 100% of our published articles have been validated as accurate by our experts.

Who is on Lawn Chick's Expert Panel?

Lawn Chick’s Expert Panel is made up of degreed horticultural experts that come to us from different areas of the country, and with varied backgrounds which complement one another.Β 

Each member of our panel has been hand-picked by Lawn Chick founder Sarah Jameson and our managing editor based on their credentials, experience, and extensive gardening and horticultural knowledge (both hands-on, earned expertise and academic training – we value both).

Meet Our Experts

Nicole Forsyth, M.S.

Nicole Forsyth, M.S.

Expert Panelist

Nicole is a Certified Landscape Design Professional, Horticulturist, and Arborist. In addition to her role on Lawn Chick’s expert panel, she is a passionate instructor of Plant Science at an agricultural vocational high school. Her expertise in Horticulture, Turf Management, Soil Science and Botany are real assets for us and help ensure our articles are accurate and provide the very best information to readers.

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Arthur Davidson

Arthur Davidson, A.S.

Expert Panelist

Arthur is a seasoned horticulturist with over five decades of hands-on experience. A former ISA Arborist and Master Gardener, he’s been a guiding light in the horticultural community, sharing his wisdom through talks, seminars, and his blog, Papas Gardens. His expertise in Integrated Pest Management, Soil Science, and Environmental Horticulture make him a valued member of our expert panel.

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Dustin Stoll

Dustin Stoll, B.S.

Expert Panelist

Dustin is the owner of a horticulture design and consulting company, Stoll Design. He has done planting design work on many commercial and residential projects in Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Dustin was also the Director of Horticulture at Tulsa Botanic Garden, where he worked for over eight years. During his time there, he led a horticulture team to care for the 170 acre garden property.

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A Few Notes to Be Fully Transparent About This Process

  • Members of our expert panel are compensated to lend us their expertise and help us ensure the accuracy of the content we publish. They are paid for their time and subject-matter knowledge, and their compensation is not tied in any way to the results of their evaluation.Β 
  • Readers should not consider a notice that an article has been reviewed by an expert on our panel to be an endorsement of any product or service Lawn Chick recommends. Rather, when an article is marked to indicate a member of our expert panel validated it, this only means that he or she reviewed the article for factual inaccuracies based on their experience, training, and expertise, and found the article content to be accurate.
  • Articles which have been validated by our expert panelists, will be marked clearly to explain who reviewed the article for accuracy, and will look something like this:
Example of
  • The only articles on our site that have not undergone review by our panel are articles in our editorial series, Expert Perspectives. These articles are reviewed by our managing editor but since they are written by invited experts (and are considered opinion pieces) they do not undergo formal review.
  • Many or our articles have been reviewed by more than one expert on our panel. This is an extra step we take to ensure our guidance will exceed reader expectations and accurately convey industry best practices. Any article which did not pass inspection by our panel of experts was flagged for internal review, underwent significant revision, and was reviewed again afterward to verify its accuracy after updates were made.
  • Lawn Chick has paid members of our panel thousands of dollars for their time and expertise. We consider our investment money well spent because the accuracy of the information and guidance we share on this blog is something we take very seriously.

If you’d like to learn more, we invite you to read our editorial policy and publishing standards.

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