Lawn Damage

How to Successfully Repair Different Kinds of Lawn Damage

Your turfgrass lawn will always be susceptible to damage, no matter how healthy and well maintained it is.

Damaged LawnUnderstanding the best methods to patch and repair the damage will help you quickly get your yard back into shape so you and your family can continue to use and enjoy it.

Whether your lawn is damaged by pets, people, heavy equipment, or something else, there’s always a way to fix the damage, and there are usually steps you can take to strengthen your lawn’s health and create a more resilient lawn while working on your repairs.

On this page you’ll find my articles about fixing a damaged lawn, with information about the tools you’ll need, and recommendations about when to repair your lawn for the best results.

Damaged Lawn Guides

In this section you’ll find a collection of how-to guides and articles that will help you repair your lawn damage the right way the first time.

How to Fix a Dead Lawn

How to Fix a Dead Lawn

Many different elements and circumstances can lead to lawn damage. Improper or inadequate watering, a long period of extremely hot weather, and intensely cold weather

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