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Our popular editorial series in which we feature articles authored by a diverse group of seasoned professionals, invited to share their expertise and knowledge with our readers.

At Lawn Chick, we are committed to helping our readers gain a comprehensive understanding of landscaping and lawn care. We also recognize that sharing the opinions and viewpoints of a single person is, by nature, limiting in certain ways.

Expert Perspectives - Lawn Chick Editorial Series

With this in mind, in 2024 we have introduced a unique editorial series we call ‘Expert Perspectives.’

Each article published in this series is distinct from the content you’ll find elsewhere on the site. It is not authored by Sarah Jameson, Lawn Chick’s founder, but by a diverse and experienced group of professionals we hand-pick and invite to contribute.

This series is designed with our readers in mind, and published in an effort to broaden the scope and spectrum of information and viewpoints available to Lawn Chick’s loyal readers.

By inviting contributions from a broad spectrum of experts across the industry, our goal is to enrich our site with varied viewpoints, innovative techniques, and the sort of in-depth, earned knowledge that only comes with experience.

We hope you’ll bookmark this page and check back often to read the latest articles in this new series.

We are dedicated to maintaining the high-quality, trustworthy content that our readers expect from Lawn Chick, and we believe that embracing diverse viewpoints is essential to building a well-rounded, informed community passionate about the beauty and health of their outdoor spaces.

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Benefits of Native Plants

Harnessing Ecological Principles in Landscape Design: The Benefits to Incorporating Native Plants

Dive into the world of sustainable landscape design with Horticulturist Nicole Forsyth’s enlightening piece on the power of native plants. In this article Nicole offers a compelling exploration of how these resilient flora not only conserve resources but also enrich local ecosystems and beautify spaces. This second installment in a series unveils the critical role native species play in fostering biodiversity and ecological balance.

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Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss - Defining Harmful Noise

Noise Exposure and Hearing Loss – Defining Harmful Noise

Doctor Ryan Leahy, Au.D. shares a comprehensive guide about harmful noise – emphasizing the importance of preserving our sense of hearing amid daily noise, particularly from mowers and other lawn and garden equipment. Dr. Leahy expertly demystifies the concepts of decibels, sound frequencies, and the impact of prolonged noise exposure on our ears. With practical advice and the introduction of free at-home tools like the NIOSH Sound Level Meter app, the article empowers readers to identify harmful noise and take steps to protect their hearing effectively.

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Lawnbright Interview with Founder Craig Elworthy

Lawnbright Interview (with founder Craig Elworthy)

In our exclusive interview with Lawnbright founder and CEO Craig Elworthy, this innovative entrepreneur shares his take on optimizing soil health, selecting fertilizers, and shares his personal lawn care routine. Finally, Craig looks ahead at what might be in store for homeowners, discussing emerging tech and trends as the industry evolves to be more eco-friendly.

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Hearing Health and Lawn Care: Protecting Your Ears At Every Age

Hearing Health and Lawn Care: Protecting Your Ears at Every Age

Hearing loss affects 60.7 million Americans age 12 and older and these numbers are expected to rise. Noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, so we asked Doctor Hope Rowe, Au.D. to explain what homeowners need to know about protecting their hearing while mowing and using other lawn care equipment.

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Rejuvenation Pruning Shrubs - Editorial by Kevin Hollatz, Horticulturist of GardenHike.com

Should I Rejuvenate My Shrubs? Do I Dare?

Expert horticulturist Kevin Hollatz, B.S. explores the benefits of rejuvenation pruning shrubs in spring. In this article he shares example photos of how shrubs benefit from a hard cut-back in spring and provides tips and guidance with homeowners who may have limited pruning experience. See the amazing results of rejuvenation pruning on Ninebark, Hydrangea, Spirea, and Lilac shrubs.

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Ecological Landscaping

Harnessing Ecological Principles in Landscape Design: Understanding Ecosystems & Assessing Site Conditions 

Nicole Forsyth, M.S., a distinguished educator and certified horticulturist, arborist, and landscape design professional, shares her expertise on incorporating ecological principles into landscape design. Emphasizing the importance of understanding local ecosystems and assessing site conditions, Nicole offers a holistic approach to creating sustainable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces that harmonize with nature’s rhythms. This insightful piece invites readers to reimagine their landscapes through the lens of ecological sustainability, blending artistry with environmental stewardship.

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Integrating Permaculture Into Your Life and Home Landscape - Permaculture Garden Design

Integrating Permaculture Into Your Life (and home landscape design)

Landscape Designer Victoria Ramsawak, M.S., explores the profound impact of permaculture principles in personal and landscape design. She advocates for a holistic view of life and gardening, emphasizing the integration of permaculture to create self-sustaining, eco-friendly homesteads. Ramsawak encourages embracing local beauty, acknowledging impermanence, and celebrating abundance, guiding readers to cultivate a deeper connection with nature and their surroundings for a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

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Naturalized Landscaping - A Horticultural Expert's Advice

Naturalized Landscaping: Create Your Own Naturescape, Naturally!

Arthur Davidson, A.S., with his profound horticultural expertise, unveils the essence of naturalized landscaping, guiding you on a journey to transform your yard into a self-sustaining ecosystem. His hands-on advice simplifies the transition to a garden that thrives with native plants and minimal intervention, echoing nature’s own methods and celebrating the beauty of untamed landscapes.

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Kill Your Lawn – A Homeowner’s Guide to Navigating the Regulations and Ordinances of their City to Strengthen Localized Sustainability

Kill Your Lawn – A Homeowner’s Guide to Navigating Regulations and Ordinances to Strengthen Localized Sustainability

In a thought-provoking piece by Architectural Designer McKenna Klein, readers are challenged to reconsider traditional lawns in favor of more sustainable, biodiverse landscapes. Klein’s narrative weaves through personal experience and practical advice, advocating for a shift towards ecological gardening practices. This editorial not only questions conventional norms but also offers a detailed and practical guide to homeowners struggling to navigate local ordinances to create environmentally friendly outdoor spaces​.

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Expert Advice About Lawn Equipment

Is Your Cart Before the Horse? (Art’s Advice on Lawn Equipment)

Horticulturist Arthur Davidson, A.S., shares his earned wisdom on choosing the right lawn equipment and tells you how to maintain it. His article navigates through the intricacies of fuel options, operational tips for two-stroke engines, and the practical considerations for battery-powered equipment, ensuring readers make informed decisions – investing in and maintaining tools that last.

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A Few Notes to Be Fully Transparent About This Editorial Series

  • Each individual who contributes their thoughts and expertise in our ‘Expert Perspectives‘ series is hand-picked and invited to do so by Lawn Chick’s managing editor, and we compensate writers for their contribution.
  • We feel it is important to note that the opinions and insights expressed in the ‘Expert Perspectives‘ articles may not always align with those of Lawn Chick. These are opinion pieces, and our decision to feature these contributions reflects our belief in the importance of presenting a wide array of perspectives. We see this as an opportunity to use our platform and reach to lift the voice of worthy experts, and foster informed and engaging dialogue among our readers. 
  • In spite of the diverse authorship, all articles within this editorial series adhere to our stringent editorial standards. Each piece undergoes a thorough review process to ensure relevance, and value to our audience.
  • At Lawn Chick we do not, have never, and will never accept or publish guest posts or sponsored articles on our website, and we do not publish articles researched and written by a writer outside of the editorial team’s direct guidance and supervision.

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