Hydroseeding Pros and Cons

Hydroseeding Pros and Cons: What to Know Before You Blow (seed all over your lawn)

Hydroseeding is a way to create a lawn space by spraying a mixture of water, grass seed, mulch, and fertilizer. Many experts consider this process to be the most efficient one for adding grass to a plain soil area. However, there are important hydroseeding pros and cons to consider, and I’ll go over these and compare hydroseeding to other methods for starting a lawn in this article.

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Sod vs Hydroseed

Sod vs Hydroseed Comparison

If your lawn is looking more than a little lacklustre, maybe you’re considering starting from scratch with options such as new sod or hydroseeding. Both are popular options for new construction and homeowners who want to see results in a hurry. With sod or hydroseed you can quickly establish a beautiful lawn. In this article, I’ll compare sod vs hydroseed, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach in terms of cost, labor, time, and final results.

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