Lawn Sprinkler Types

Lawn Sprinkler Types (how to choose the best sprinkler)

Having a sprinkler system that fits your needs is key to having the most beautiful lawn on the block. But you don’t need an expensive in-ground system to water your lawn effectively. In this article, I’ll introduce you to 7 different lawn sprinkler types and explain how to choose the best type of sprinkler for your lawn. Learn the pros and cons of each type of sprinkler so you make the best choice and save some money when shopping for a lawn sprinkler.

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Recommended Sprinkler Run Times

Recommended Sprinkler Run Times for a Thriving Lawn

For many, having a lawn outside their home is a no-brainer. The ideal American home has long been depicted and associated with white picket fences and perfectly mowed lawns. Proper irrigation is critical, and in this article I’ll share the recommended sprinkler run times for a thriving lawn.

While many opt out of having and maintaining a lawn, a vast majority of Americans still prefer to have a lush green lawn. But having a lawn requires maintenance.

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Lawn Irrigation System Cost

How Much Should a Lawn Irrigation System Cost?

A lawn irrigation system is an underground watering(sprinkler) system geared to conserving water and aimed to save you money. So how much should a lawn irrigation system cost? And who needs one?

In this article we’ll explore the cost of several different types of lawn irrigation systems and help you determine if you need to irrigate your lawn, and which type of irrigation system may be best suited to you and your lawn.

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