Rainbird vs Orbit

RainBird vs Orbit Sprinkler Head Comparison

Setting up a lawn irrigation system can be a daunting (and expensive) task, so you’ll want to do everything right the first time around. One major decision to make is what kind of sprinkler heads to use. RainBird and Orbit are two of the most popular choices. Both these brands offer fantastic features and garner glowing consumer reviews, but which one should you choose? Today, I’ll bring you my RainBird vs Orbit comparison.

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How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades with a File

How to Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades with a File

As you get your lawn equipment ready for another season, it’s a great time to sharpen your mower blades. We all like to fertilize, water, and edge our lawns, but your lawn mower is the most essential tool in our garage, and whether you use a gas-powered mower, or you’ve gone electric, your mower still uses blades to mow your lawn. That means a regular part of mower maintenance for all of us includes sharpening the blades. In today’s article, I’ll explain how to sharpen lawn mower blades with a file.

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Are Robot Lawn Mowers Any Good

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Any Good?

Robot lawnmowers are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners realize their convenience and cost savings. If you’ve ever thought about how much time you spend mowing your lawn and grimaced, and would like to get your weekends back, then buying a robot lawn mower might be a good idea (if you have the right type of lawn). But are robot lawn mowers any good, or is it just going to get stuck under the deck repeatedly or worse, scalp your lawn and ruin your grass?

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Best Lawn Dethatcher

Best Lawn Dethatcher to Make a Huge Mess (then fix it)

An aspect of lawn maintenance that’s often overlooked is dealing with thatch build up in your yard’s turf. As you probably know, thatch is the mixture of decomposed and partially decomposed grass that gets tangled in an annoying limbo. A reasonable amount of thatch is healthy for your lawn. However, if it’s left unchecked and accumulates to more than 1-inch thick, it can be problematic, and you’ll want the best lawn dethatcher on the market to help you break up that layer of organic matter and allow air, water, and nutrients to reach your lawn’s roots.

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Best Leaf Blower

Best Leaf Blower to Push Leaves Next Door (then escape)

There’s nothing like a beautiful lot filled with stately, mature trees. Until fall. And that one weekend where they drop their leaves to lay there and mock you … a beautiful lawn-smothering quilt designed to ruin your weekend.

Ready to treat yourself to a leaf blower this year to make short work of your fall clean-up? You deserve it, and I’ve got you covered – today I’m sharing my list of the best leaf blowers to blow leaves into your neighbor’s yard before he knows what hit him!

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Slice Seeder

Slice Seeder Guide (how it works, how to successfully use it)

Some homeowners who want to save time while overseeding will choose to rent a slice seeder instead of dethatching, aerating, and overseeding their lawns (which is more work and more expensive). In this article, we will explore how slice seeders work, the best practices for their use, how much you can expect to pay to rent a slice seeder, and tips for success when seeding your lawn with a slice seeder or slit seeder.

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Lawn Mower Blowing Blue Smoke

Why is My Lawn Mower Blowing Blue Smoke?

The most important piece of equipment you own to take care of your lawn is your mower. Mowing your grass regularly at the right height and at the right interval will keep it healthy and looking its best. So if you notice your mower smoking, it’s easy to be concerned. Mowers can be expensive to repair or replace. The good news is that usually blue smoke isn’t as bad as it looks. Lawn mower blowing blue smoke?

Let’s identify the problem and tell you what you need to know to fix it.

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