What Kind of Grass do Golf Courses Use

What Kind of Grass do Golf Courses Use?

Do you love the idea of a lush and uniform lawn that looks like the fairway on a golf course? Well, having a lawn that rivals your local country club is not as out of this world as you might think. There are a number of types of grasses that golf clubs can use to create their green fairways, roughs, and putting greens. It just depends on the climate and soil type they are working with. In this article I’ll answer the question “What kind of grass do golf courses use?” and explain which ones can be a good choice for a private lawn.

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History of Lawns

History of Lawns in America and Around the World

The lush, green lawn is such a staple of the American dream, and an ideal associated with owning a home and property. We tend to forget it wasn’t always that way. The lawn has strong European roots. Its concept arrived in the United States (and North America as a whole) with early immigrants. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the history of the lawns in America and around the world.

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