Why Does My Lawn Mower Backfire

Why Does My Lawn Mower Backfire? (causes & how to fix)

A lawn mower backfiring is something you definitely don’t want to hear. It is a clear indicator that something is wrong and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. If it goes unfixed for too long, the entire mower could become dangerous to use. Fortunately, the most common things that cause a lawn mower to backfire can be easily fixed. Today, I’m going to reveal the most common answers to your question: why does my lawn mower backfire?

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Lawn Mower Blowing Blue Smoke

Why is My Lawn Mower Blowing Blue Smoke?

The most important piece of equipment you own to take care of your lawn is your mower. Mowing your grass regularly at the right height and at the right interval will keep it healthy and looking its best. So if you notice your mower smoking, it’s easy to be concerned. Mowers can be expensive to repair or replace. The good news is that usually blue smoke isn’t as bad as it looks. Lawn mower blowing blue smoke?

Let’s identify the problem and tell you what you need to know to fix it.

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Lawn Mower Pull Cord Not Catching

Lawn Mower Pull Cord Not Catching (How to Fix)

Nothing happens if your lawn mower pull cord isn’t catching. If your mower has a pull cord, there’s usually no way to get your mower to start, which ruins your mowing mission. It’s incredibly frustrating to do other troubleshooting to find out why your mower won’t start and realize that it’s not just that your mower needs some extra gas, but that the pull cord is faulty. In this article I’ll explain how the lawn mower pull cord mechanism works, possible causes for your lawn mower pull cord not catching, and how to fix the issue.

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Lawn Mower White Smoke Then Dies

Lawn Mower: White Smoke then Dies

Is a mysterious white smoke emerging from your lawn mower? If so, you’re probably worried and wondering what on earth is going on. If your lawn mower blows white smoke then dies, there’s even more cause for concern. In this article, you will learn about the potential causes of white smoke in a lawn mower, and what you can do to address the issue.

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Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies

My Lawn Mower Starts Then Dies: What’s Wrong?

Ahhh…the smell of fresh-cut grass. There’s really nothing like it. However, it’s pretty frustrating to be all ready to tackle those tall green blades only to have your mower fire up and then sputter out. If your lawn mower starts then dies, you want a quick answer about what’s to blame, and what to do to fix it. I’ll share the 4 most common causes to this mower problem and what you need to do to address each.

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Lawn Mower Sputtering

Lawn Mower Sputtering? Here’s How to Fix It

Lawnmower maintenance is a crucial part of keeping your mower running properly. Regular maintenance promotes the overall health of your lawnmower and its ability to properly operate.  But even with regular maintenance, there may be times when you experience issues with your mower.  One common problem among lawnmowers is sputtering.  Lawn mower sputtering is generally an inexpensive and easy fix that can be done on your own as part of your regular maintenance.

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Smoking Lawn Mower

Smoking Lawn Mower: Causes and How to Fix It

For any homeowner who mows their lawn regularly, sooner or later they’ll notice smoke coming from their lawn mower. Naturally, this is an alarming thing to notice. But more often than not, a smoking lawn mower isn’t serious and the problem can be fixed pretty easily.

Of course, it’s important to find out what’s causing your mower to smoke. Knowing the cause will help you determine if it’s still safe to use. In today’s article I’ll explain the most common reasons why lawn mowers smoke. Then I’ll tell you how to fix the problem.

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Starting a Lawn Mower with Old Gas

Tips for Starting a Lawn Mower with Old Gas

When you think of things that get old and start to go bad, you tend to think about food products. One thing that probably does not come to mind is gasoline. But over time gas breaks down, and when left in machinery such as lawn mowers it can cause reduced performance or even difficulty starting. If you have old gas in your lawn mower, don’t fret. Here are some tips for starting a lawn mower with old gas that will get your mower out of the garage and purring like a kitten this Spring.

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How to Start a Lawn Mower That Has Been Sitting

How to Start a Lawn Mower That Has Been Sitting

So your lawn mower has been stored in the shed or garage all winter long. Now you’re having trouble getting it started and you’re wondering how to start a lawn mower that has been sitting.

Or maybe you found or inherited a lawn mower second hand that hasn’t been used in years.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s your introductory guide to lawn mowers and how to start a lawn mower that has been sitting!

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