Integrating Permaculture Into Your Life and Home Landscape - Permaculture Garden Design

Integrating Permaculture Into Your Life (and home landscape design)

For permaculture enthusiasts, the word Permaculture carries so much significance that sometimes it seems to be lost on people with less time and bandwidth to understand what some may term as a lofty aspiration. We have all heard before that to make a difference in the world, we must first change ourselves. As many practical takeaways as there are in permaculture, that may be the key one. We all start with our own individual unit. To have a beautiful, productive, self-sustaining, and eco-friendly homestead (don’t be shy of the term), we must check in with our life – is integrity lacking in our self-care, relationships, finances, our aspirations for meeting a higher need? When we check this… then the home and garden making tends to become an effortless thing, that brings abundance and balance in all aspects of life.

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