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Best Lawn Games to Enjoy with People You “Mostly” Like

Lawns didn’t always serve as social spaces. Long ago, they were used primarily for grazing livestock. And before you make a crack about your mother-in-law at last summer’s picnic, consider how the best lawn games can serve to make this year’s backyard gatherings more fun bearable.

It’s well documented that whether you’re a social butterfly or socially awkward, playing games together is a great way to build and maintain relationships. They’re fun, they cut tension and allow you to gracefully sidestep conflict. For me, lawn games are an easy way to lighten the burden of entertaining.

Having a stock of good backyard games available for your guests can make any gathering drama-free, and the right games will help you and your family make memories that can last a lifetime.

You work hard to maintain your lawn, playing games there is a great way to enjoy it!

On this page you’ll find a list of my favorite backyard games to play with friends and family, but my pick for the best lawn game is Cornhole. It’s a game that can skew competitive or casual depending upon the players. Cornhole is easy to learn and difficult to master – meaning it appeals to a broad audience, and it’s quick to set up and put away. It’s also something you can play with guests of any age, and groups of any size — meaning it will work for just about everyone.

I own and recommend the GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set as the best lawn game you can buy, though if you’re handy you can build your own as a weekend DIY project.

Keep reading for my full list of the best lawn games to help you get through enjoy your next backyard gathering with grace and style.

My Favorite Backyard Lawn Games

GoSports Cornhole Set - Best Lawn Game Overall
5 Star Rating

Looking for a game that will offer heaps of fun with minimal set-up time? It’s easy to learn, but challenging to master, making it a fun and challenging backyard game the whole family can enjoy together.

Croquet - Best Old School Lawn Game
5 Star Rating

A time-tested backyard lawn game, Croquet is considered a classic. Often played in teams, this game blends both physical and mental skills that anyone can participate in and enjoy together in your yard.

Best Bang for Your Buck - Badminton and Volleyball Combination Set
5 Star Rating

Great for active families and friends, this 2-in-1 Badminton and Volleyball set gives you the flexibility to quickly set up and play either game with a sturdy net that will last for years of backyard fun. is reader supported. If you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

How to Choose and Buy the Perfect Lawn Game

Buying a lawn game may seem like a fairly easy task. But once you start shopping, you’ll quickly realize that there are dozens of options available.

So how do you know which game is right for you? Well, there are a few factors that can help you narrow down your options. More on this below.

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What to Look For When Choosing Lawn Games

There are a couple of points you should keep in mind when choosing a lawn game. These are:

Number of players

Before you buy a game, consider the number of players that will be playing it.

Best Lawn Game Ideas
Sometimes a fun lawn game is as simple as using what’s on hand to create an epic obstacle course

Do you have a large family, comprising up to 10 members? Or, do you hold frequent outdoor parties attended by large groups of people?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ll want to pick a game that can be played by multiple people. Most of the games in our review require several players as opposed to one-on-one interactions. So you’re sure to find something you like.

Lawn’s terrain

Some lawn games are best played on completely level or flat lawns. Others, however, allow for ample flexibility.

Such sports can be played on uneven lawns and other surfaces like concrete and sand. So before you choose a game, check your lawn’s terrain and determine the best games that can be played.


In the event that you’ll want to play games on sandy beaches or other places, then weight is a crucial factor to consider. You’ll have a much easier time carrying Bocce balls or horseshoes to your uncle’s cookout than a giant game of jenga.


The beauty of most lawn games is that they can be played by people of all ages. A game like croquet is suitable for young players as well as the elderly.

Playing Games on the Lawn in the Backyard

If your family comprises members in different age groups, consider getting such a game that can be played by all.

One way to gauge this is to check the game’s level of difficulty. If it’s rated as easy or medium, then it’s a smart choice. But, if it’s too hard, younger and older players will likely struggle to get the hang of it.

Ease of setup

If it’s already summer, then you probably want to set up your lawn game quickly and start enjoying it. So the last thing you want is to spend hours setting it up or worse, be forced to call an expert to set it up. Thankfully, most lawn games aren’t difficult to install, but there are a few exceptions.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Lawn Games

Be sure to avoid these mistakes when selecting lawn games:

Forgetting to check the number of players

If there’s one factor that you should check when choosing a lawn game, it’s the number of players.

Best Yard Games

You don’t want to end up with a game that can only be played by two people when you have a family of 5 or more members. Similarly, there’s no point in buying a big game for a small family of 3.

Not paying attention to the quality of construction

It’s a no-brainer that these games are played in outdoor settings.

This means they’ll have to weather all sorts of weather elements; from wind to rain and harsh UV rays. To ensure your game lasts a long time, check whether it’s made of quality materials.

My List of the Best Lawn Games This Year

Here’s my list of the best lawn games to buy for hours of fun in your yard this year. 

  1. BEST OVERALL: GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set
  2. BEST OLD SCHOOL: GoSports Six-Player Croquet Set
  3. BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: GSE Portable Badminton / Volleyball Combo Set
  4. CLASSIC THROWBACK: GoSports Backyard Bocce Set
  5. LONGEST LASTING: Challenger Professional Pitching Horseshoes
  6. BEST PERMANENT: Sterling Sunnywood Sports Premium Tetherball Set
  7. BEST FOR KIDS: Rukket Kickball Set

If you’re in the market for lawn games to up the fun in your yard this year, there are lots of options to choose from. The products listed above are some of the best-reviewed products available online, and you should be pleased with the quality you receive if you choose the game you like most and try the product I’ve highlighted on this page.

Below I get into more detail, highlighting the features of each backyard game that made my list of the best lawn games to buy this year.

Cornhole Set

If you’ve been to a backyard party or other outdoor event, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with this game. Easy to set up and fun to play, it can be played by people of all ages. Here’s what to expect from the GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set


The concept behind the cornhole game is very straightforward. This explains why it’s so popular among adults and kids.

It involves players throwing bean bags in an attempt to land them on an inclined platform that has a hole on one far end.

If a team or player manages to land the bean bag on the platform, they score one point. If the bag drops through the hole, they earn three points. The first player (s) to earn 21 points wins.


The design of the GoSports Cornhole Set conforms to the regulations set by the American Cornhole Association (ACA).

Specifically, the package includes two 4×2 ft. game boards and eight toss bags. If you’re buying the cornhole set for kids, there’s a trimmed down version of the boards measuring 3×2 ft.

I was particularly impressed with the quality of materials used for the boards’ construction. The frame of each board is made of pine wood while the top surface comprises a ½-inch plywood to provide a smooth sliding surface.

The toss bags are also thoughtfully-designed using an all-weather material. And for safe-keeping, the manufacturer was kind enough to include a carrying case.

GoSports Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set Specifications

Level of difficultyEasy
Number of players2 or more
  • Can be played by individuals or teams
  • Platforms are made of wood for maximum durability
  • Also, the game boards come in regulation sizes
  • Package includes carry case to protect the toss bags
  • The boards are heavy to move around

My Final Take-Away: This Cornhole set from GoSports is the perfect game to play with friends or family on your lawn. Two teams of one or more players take turns, trying to land a toss bag on a tilted platform. The game is own by the first player to earn 21 points.

Where to Buy the GoSports Cornhole Set

You can order this online at the following retailers:

Croquet Set

If you’ve been looking for an old-school kind of lawn game, the GoSports Six-player Croquet Set is a great pick. Having gained popularity in the 19th century, the game provides you with all the tools an oldie would look for when playing lawn games. Here are some notable features:


Unlike other lawn games that can only be played by two people, GoSports’ Croquet allows for a maximum of six players. Better yet, it can be played by teams or individuals.

The goal of the game is to advance a ball around the lawn by striking it with a mallet. A player scores a point for every hoop performed in the right order and direction. The first player or team to earn 6 hoop points wins.


You’ve probably used plastic lawn game equipment, and hope this set is better. Well, GoSports doesn’t disappoint.

The mallets feature a durable hardwood construction that eliminates vibration, while the top of the handles is wrapped in leather to enhance grip.

The balls are also larger and have a nice heft, making it easy to hit and throw on a lawn without going off-course. The carrying case is another excellent addition, making it easy to store and carry the set.


Typically, the size of a group determines the kind of outdoor game to play. Luckily, this croquet set from GoSports hardly limits the games you can play. It comes with six mallets, nine wickets, and six balls, accommodating large groups of up to six people.

Moreover, you can choose between the standard and deluxe editions based on the age group. The standard edition has smaller handles and lighter balls, perfect for young players, while the deluxe edition has longer handles (35 inches) and heavier balls which are ideal for adult players.

GoSports Six-Player Croquet Set Specifications

Level of difficultyMedium
Number of playersUp to 6
  • Hardwood handles for maximum durability
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy storage
  • Handles come in two sizes: for kids and adults
  • Balls need lots of force to go more than 10 feet

My Final Take-Away: The GoSports Six-player Croquet Set sure does bring back those old-school memories. Its overall setup and lightweight yet sturdy mallets and balls make it perfect for seniors, kids, and adults looking to have fun during family celebrations.

Where to Buy the GoSports Six-Player Croquet Set

You can order this online at the following retailers:

Badminton & Volleyball Combination Set

Are you a fan of both badminton and volleyball? If so, the GSE Games & Sports has got you covered with their Portable Badminton/ Volleyball Combo set. Here’s a look at what this game has to offer:


Badminton and volleyball have relatively similar gameplays. In badminton, the aim is to hit the shuttlecock so that it goes above the net and lands on your opponent’s side. In volleyball, one has to hit the ball above the net so that it touches the ground of the opposing side.


GSE has provided every piece of equipment you need to play either badminton or volleyball.

For starters, there’s a premium-quality net measuring 3′ by 32′. What sets this net apart is the vinyl, waterproof tape that’s added for reinforcement. The net is held in place using two steel poles, which are powder-coated to protect them from rust and corrosion.

Other items included in the package are one volleyball, four badminton racquets, three shuttlecocks, boundary tape, and a pump with a needle.

The manufacturer has also provided a heavy-duty nylon bag with enough space to accommodate everything. This makes the set easy to transport and store when it’s not in use.

GSE Portable Badminton Volleyball Combo Specifications

Level of difficultyMedium
Number of players2 or more
  • Ideal for playing both volleyball and badminton
  • Powder-coated steel poles prevent the net from sagging
  • The net is reinforced with vinyl tape to enhance durability
  • Heavy-duty nylon bag makes for easy transportation
  • Takes up a fair amount of space when set up

My Final Take-Away: Spend as much time as you want playing badminton or volleyball with this Combo Game set from GSE. The net is 32 feet long and 3 feet wide, meaning it’s big enough to play an array of games. It’s also fairly easy to put together and comes with a carrying bag that fits all the accessories.

Where to Buy this Badminton / Volleyball Combo Set

GSE game products are sold at a few online retailers, but I only found this combo set with the rackets included on:

Classic Throwback

Bocce Ball Set

This Bocce set provides a great collection of balls you can use to play on any surface- sand, grass, dirt; you name it. It comes with eight balls in different colors, so you’ve got more than enough to get you and your crew busy on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Here are more features:


Bocce is a flexible game when it comes to the number of players. It can be played by two individuals or two teams comprising 2 to 4 players each.

The game begins with the randomly picked team throwing a small ball referred to as the jack. The jack has to land in a zone that’s at least 16 feet long and about 8.2 feet from the other end of the court. If the first team fails to achieve this placement, the next team is given an opportunity.

Once the jack has been placed, teams or individuals take turns ‘bowling’ or tossing a ball. The objective is to get their balls as close to the jack as possible. The team that has most of their balls closest to the jack wins.


When looking for balls to play lawn games like bocce, three factors come into play- their size, the material used in its construction, and weight.

This ball set from GoSports balances all these factors perfectly by offering two construction styles for the balls-premium resin and rubber. Most players prefer resin since it gives balls the perfect heaviness. This, in turn, allows players to have more control when playing.


You’ll also love their small size (90 mm), which makes them easy to grasp and handle during play. The balls fall under the lowest 74 mm-100 mm range, perfect for kids learning to play, beginners, and people with weak hand strength.


Weight is another factor that can make or break this game. Typically, heavier balls provide more control and grip better on the ground. This means they bounce less on the ground and are less likely to change direction.

This Bocce ball set comes with eight balls weighing a pound each, perfect for young participants. They’re less likely to change course easily when coupled with hard resin or rubber material.

GoSports Backyard Bocce Set Specifications

Level of difficultyMedium
Number of players8
  • Premium resin construction that lasts long
  • Light enough for child play
  • Comes in many colors for easy identification
  • The coloring on the balls fades too fast

My Final Take-Away: The GoSports Backyard Bocce Set is a solid choice for families looking for a classic lawn game. The resin construction is durable enough, withstanding any terrain and the rigors of playing lawn games.

Where to Buy the GoSports Bocce Ball Set

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Horseshoes Set

One of the greatest challenges of buying lawn games is that they don’t last. Some of the playing equipment can’t withstand the constant exposure to outdoor elements.

As a result, they end up wearing out too fast. If you’re looking for a game that can last for the long haul, the Challenger Professional Pitching Horseshoes set is a great pick. Here’s what to expect:


To start the game of horseshoes, players first have to flip a coin to determine which team/individual starts.

The first pitcher is given two horseshoes to throw at the opposite stake, one at a time. The idea is to throw the horseshoe so that it lands as close to or completely encases the stake.

A horseshoe surrounding the stake earns the player/ team three points. Once the first player is done throwing their first two horseshoes, the next player follows by throwing on the opposite stake.


The Challenger comes complete with everything you need to play the game. These include two pairs of horseshoes, and a rule book. Two of the horseshoes are red while the rest are blue. This makes it easy to play in teams.

But what impressed me more is the design of the horseshoes that increases your chances of winning. First off, there’s ample room at the shoe’s rear. This gives you flexibility in that you can grip it at the middle or slide a little left or right.

Furthermore, the tips of these horseshoes have double-sided cleats. This provides excellent counterweight, allowing you to flip or turn them with ease. The fact that the side blades are thin and straight is another plus. This gives you a decent amount of space to refine your grip. 

Challenger Professional Pitching Horseshoes Specifications

Level of difficultyHard
Number of players2
  • Well-designed horseshoes to improve your chances of winning
  • Iron alloy build for optimal durability
  • Minimal equipment to start playing
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • Comes with a rulebook; ideal for new players
  • This game has a steep learning curve
  • Not great for yards with young children due to the weight of the thrown objects

My Final Take-Away: If you’re looking for a lawn game that will last, you can’t go wrong with Thoroughbred’s Challenger Pitching Horseshoes. The horseshoes are made of iron alloy, a material that’s not only resistant to heat but also deformation. Besides, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty against damage. 

Where to Buy this Horseshoe Set

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Tetherball Set

With the majority of lawn games, you have to set them up from scratch each time you want to play. Then once you’re done, you have to dismantle them and store them indoors.

If you’re tired of this process, the Sterling Sunnywood Tetherball Set is a great alternative. This game only needs to be set up once. Here are a few more details about it:


Tetherball is a very easy lawn game to master. This makes it an excellent choice for beginners.

All a player has to do is to hold the ball using one hand then hit it with the other. The player on the opposing side does the same thing.

The idea is to hit the tetherball until it’s out of reach for your opponent. If your opponent misses the ball, it comes back in your direction causing the rope it’s tethered to, to wrap around the pole.

So if your opponent misses the ball several times, the rope wraps around the pole even more causing it to get shorter. This automatically makes it harder to play. The game ends when the rope completely wraps around the pole, until there’s none of it left to play with.


Sterling has provided the sturdiest equipment to help you get the most out of this game.

For instance, the pole provided is made of galvanized steel. This material has excellent resistance to rust, making it ideal for all types of weather. That said, it’s recommended that you pour a concrete base to hold the pole firmly in the ground.

Once assembled, the pole measures 10.5’ with a diameter of 1.75 inches. This means that it has an ultra-thick wall, which makes it resistant to bending.

Also included in the package is a regulation-sized rubber ball. This ball remains inflated no matter how many hours you spend hitting it. To secure the ball, a 100″ nylon cord has been provided. It has a metal hook on one end for attaching the ball.

If you ever decide to dismantle the game, you’ll find it easy thanks to the 12-inch grounding sleeve provided.

Sterling Sunnywood Sports Premium Tetherball Set Specifications

Level of difficultyMedium
Number of players2
  • Galvanized pole is resistant to rust
  • Pole is also thick to resist bending
  • Includes a grounding sleeve for seamless removal
  • Based on some customer reviews, your package might not have the ball, forcing you to purchase it separately

My Final Take-Away: Looking for a lawn game that saves you time in installation? Look no further than the Sterling Sunnywood Tetherball Set. This game only needs to be set up once. Even if you decide to dismantle it in winter, you’ll find this process easy thanks to the grounding sleeve that makes for an easy removal.

Where to Buy this Tetherball Kit

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Best for Kids

Kickball Set

Having worked hard to grow turf on your lawn, you want to take care of it even when playing games. This Kickball set will help you do just that with its base set. Here’s more about this kickball set:


To play kickball, players start by dividing themselves into two teams. Each team can comprise any number of players, but is typically made up of 6 to 15 individuals.

The objective of the game is to perform more runs than your opponent. The team that wins is the one that rounds all the bases and earns the most points. Meanwhile, the opposing team does their best to keep the other team from scoring runs.

Ease of setup

Setting up this kickball set is pretty straightforward. Whether you’re bringing them to barbecues, tailgates, or tournaments, you won’t spend long hours setting up the four-piece base set and the pitchers. Moreover, it comes with an air pump and an extra needle, reducing the setup time.


The bases are soft enough for kids and adults to kick the ball and sturdy enough to protect the turf. They adhere to the surface and pull out quickly; you don’t have to worry about the bases wearing out. The rubber material is hardwearing, taking on the rigors of playing the game.


The set comes in a simple delivery box that doubles up as a carrying case making it easy to store.

The package is so compact that you won’t find it bulky. Whether bringing it to a friend’s backyard or an outdoor event, it’s easy to stash it along with other gaming supplies. However, you must avoid placing it on wet surfaces as it can get damaged easily.

Kickball Set Specifications

Level of difficultyEasy
Number of players4+
  • Durable rubber construction
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes in a delivery box that doubles up as storage box
  • Balls dent quickly
  • Balls are too light to control

My Final Take-Away: With this Kickball Set, you have a complete set for you and your friends to play. The balls are perfect for kickball game and other lawn games while the base prevents players from scooping out turf or mulch when kicking balls leaving your lawn in perfect condition.

Where to Buy this Kickball Set

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

A Brief History of These Popular Lawn Games

Here’s a quick look at how some of these lawn games started:

The History of Cornhole as a Lawn Game

A version of cornhole was first mentioned in Heylinger de Windt’s patent for the “Parlor Quoits”           game. De Windt is credited with recreating parlor quoit game in an indoor setting. This game shares a striking resemblance to the modern horseshoes that’s also played outdoors.

Playing Cornhole

Interestingly, Windt was also the first individual to attempt to toss bean bags in an angled board with a hole.

Later on, he sold the rights of this bean bag game to a toy manufacturer, who renamed it “Faba Baga.” A Faba Baga set comprised a board with two differently-sized holes instead of one. Getting a bean bag through each hole earned the player different points.

A more recent mention of the cornhole game was in 1974 in an article published by Popular Mechanics Magazine. The post reviewed a game called Bean Bag Bull’s Eye, which had fairly similar characteristics.

However, there were a few differences between Bean Bag Bull’s Eye and the modern cornhole game.

For instance, the board used to play the former game was 36 inches long compared to the 48-inch long board used today.

Also, the hole was positioned 8 inches from the rear of the board. This is contrary to the 9-inch gap used in modern cornhole boards.

How Tetherball Got Its Start

Technically, tetherball isn’t a formal game given that it doesn’t have any formal organization. There’s also very limited information regarding its origin. It’s alleged that tetherball was discovered in the early 20th century.

About the Game of Tetherball

Jessie H. Bancroft described a version of this game in her book, “Games for the Playground, Home, School, and Gymnasium.” It consisted of a tennis ball that was suspended from the top of a pole with players on opposing sides batting it back and forth using rackets.

However, another school of thought suggests that tetherball dates back to the 9th century. According to this theory, the game was part of an old ritual, in which players batted a circular object around a pole.

In reality though, the object being hit wasn’t a ball but a severed human head. It’s believed that once you defeated your enemy, you would decapitate and hang their head on a wooden pole using a rope.

Pretty dreadful, right? Well thankfully, there’s a different theory that suggests that tetherball came about after the invention of volleyball. In the beginning, tetherball was played primarily by school going children.

And, it was originally known as tether tennis. Overtime, the tennis balls were replaced with larger volleyballs and the rackets were eventually phased out.

The Origins of Croquet as a Yard Game

The practice of people hitting balls through hoops goes as far back as the 14th century. During that time, it was played by peasants who created hoops using willow branches then hit the balls using shepherd crooks.

Playing Croquet

During the 17th century, this game resurfaced when a toy manufacturer discovered it and took the concept back to England. Once proper equipment for playing croquet was created in England, the game became a fan-favorite, especially among the elite.

This is what gave birth to a governing body for the same, sometime around 1870. Unfortunately, its reputation suffered when it began being associated with gambling and other social ills banned in the Victorian era.

Following this, The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club based in Wimbledon decided to get rid of the game. The association even removed its name from the title.

The only thing that helped croquet survive is the fact that it was a very common backyard game. So slowly, it was adopted in other Commonwealth nations. With its popularity slowly rising, the Croquet Association (CA) was created to regulate in 1897.

How Horseshoes Became a Popular Lawn Game

Legend has it that horseshoes evolved from a game called quoits. A quoit is a metallic disc, which contains a hole at the center. It’s suspected that quoits initially served as weapons.

Pitching Horseshoes in the Back Yard

In the game of quoits, players take turns trying to toss the disc over a hob or pin lodged in soft clay.

The origin of this game can be traced back to 14th century England, where it was played by Roman soldiers as a way of passing time. English rulers detested quoits citing that it caused soldiers to lose their focus in military training. This explains why it was banned 1388.

However, this game resurfaced in the 16th century. At the time, it was played primarily by English peasants, who later introduced the game to North America.

Similar to the Roman soldiers, the North American soldiers considered quoits an excellent way to pass time. That said, not everyone takes this origin theory as the gospel truth, and rightly so.

The one thing that’s certain is that U.S. soldiers played a version of horseshoes during the Revolutionary War. In one of his books, the Duke of Wellington stated that the “battle had been won by pitchers who used horse hardware.”

Eventually, soldiers introduced the concept of this game in their home country. It gained so much popularity that horseshoe courts emerged in communities all across Canada and the U.S. This is what led to the establishment of the first horseshoe club in Pennsylvania in 1899.

The Origins of Bocce Ball

Also referred to as Bocci, Boccie or Bocce Ball, this game was first documented through a painting of two boys playing it. The painting dates back all the way up to 5200 B.C.

Playing Bocce Ball

The discovery of this painting was made by Sir Francis Petrial, an English scientist who found it in an Egyptian tomb. Following the discovery, the popularity of this game started rising, especially in Palestine and Asia Minor.

In 600 B.C.,the Greeks took up this sport and later introduced it to the Romans. During this period, Bocce was played anywhere and not only in backyards. But in 1319 A.D. Bocce was outlawed by the noblemen. They felt that it distracted residents’ attention from more crucial activities like war training and archery.

But in 1519, the sport resurfaced and spread to other parts, including Belgium, Flanders and Holland.

Greek colonists were the first people to introduce Bocce in the region we now know as modern Italy. It is here that this game became so popular, it was publicized by Giussepi Garibaldi, an Italian General.

In the years that followed, bocce continued to lose and just as quickly regain its popularity. In 1896, the sport was gaining resurgence. It’s during this time that the first Bocce Olympiad was arranged in Athens, Greece. After this event, the international sports community permanently adopted Bocce. 

A Brief History of Kickball

Depending on where you come from, you will find this sport being referred to by other names. In most Canadian regions, it’s known as soccer ball while in the U.K., it’s called football rounders.

Playing Kickball

Regardless of what you call it, kickball traces its roots to 1910. It’s in this year that Dr. Emmett Dunn Angell mentioned kickball in his book, Comprising Games for the Kindergarten, Playground, Schoolroom and College : How to Coach and Play Girls’ Basket-ball. The description he gave is not only the closest but also the earliest form of kickball that existed.

Later in 1917, Nicholas C Seuss documented kickball. At the time, Seuss served as the supervisor of Cincinnati Park Playgrounds in Ohio. In his 1917 publication of The Playground Book, Seuss described kickball as a game that featured 12 rules. This author referred to it as “Kick Baseball”.

Three years after publication of the book, physical education teachers started using kickball to teach the fundamental principles of playing baseball.

Soon after that, adults took up to playing this game. In fact, the United States Department of the Army promoted kickball as an informal sport for soldiers in 1943.

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