Best Leaf Rake

Best Leaf Rake to Force Your Kid to Use (while you nap)

Fall is here, and this means that you’re about to embark on one of the most aggravating chores: wrangling dead leaves. If you’re a yard owner, you must be wondering, “Isn’t there a better way to get rid of these leaves?” Well, yes – there is! The secret is to have kids. After they’re grown enough to help you (but still young enough to need you), here’s what you do. You find something they want, and use that as leverage. When they agree to your terms, all that’s left is to invest in the best leaf rake you can find to make sure they do the job right!

That’s where I come in.

There are numerous types of leaf rakes out there, and just as many blogs recommending them. Each kind of leaf rake is suited for a specific task. Buy the wrong one, and … well, it will probably be fine. But if you’re like me, you’ll sleep better during your mid-day nap knowing that your kids have the right tool for the job.

Since I want nothing but the best for my free labor kids, I own and recommend the True Temper Dual Tine Poly – it’s the beat leaf rake available in my view. Its 26-inch rake head clears a decent amount of debris with each pass. And, the 60-inch handle means that you don’t have to stoop over when raking; minimizing the risk of back pain.

And winter is coming, which means each of my kids is going to need a strong, uninjured back to move all that snow.

Behold: here is an in-depth guide to the best leaf rakes – the article you never knew you needed … until right now.

My Favorite Leaf Rakes

True Temper Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake - The Best Overall Leaf Rake
5 Star Rating

With a 26-inch rake head and 60-inch handle, this tool makes quick work of leaf raking. It contains dual poly tines that collect heavy amounts of leaves in a single pass.

Fiskars Leaf Rake - Best Value
5 Star Rating

Looking for a leaf rake that will save you a few bucks? Bingo. It’s cheap, but has a nice selection of features that include a 24-inch rake head, curved tines, and long handle.

True Temper Clog-Free Leaf Rake - The Best Clog-Free Leaf Rake
5 Star Rating

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching your neighbors laugh as your kid gets leaves clogged in their rake. Spare yourself the embarrassment with this beauty. is reader supported. If you make a purchase after clicking a link, I may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

Overthinking This Purchase? Here’s What You Need to Know

Finding the right leaf rake isn’t too difficult when you know what to look for. And at this price-point, the stakes are pretty low. But it’s still frustrating to waste money and buy a bad product. So in this section I’ll highlight the factors that separate good leaf rakes from rakes that are lower quality. I’ll also share some mistakes to avoid when picking a leaf rake.

Best Leaf Rake to Buy

I’m not going to sugar coat it … this information could save you tens of dollars and spare you from mild inconvenience, so please … FOCUS.

Trust and Accuracy Information

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Article content reviewed for accuracy by Horticulturist Arthur Davidson, A.S.

What to Look For When Buying a Leaf Rake

The main factors that you should take into account are:

Rake Head Width

Oftentimes, you’ll notice that the product’s name includes a measurement. This typically refers to the width of the rake’s head or the distance between the first and last tines.

The reason why this matters is that it determines how big of an area the rake covers in a single pass. The wider the head, the more leaves it can clear in less time.

Does this mean that rakes with wider heads are better? Well, not necessarily. Often, the rakes with the widest heads have tines that are further apart.

As a result, they allow small-size leaves and debris to slip through the gaps, meaning you’ll have to rake areas more than once. Also, a rake with a very wide head can’t get into tight corners where leaves always seem to collect.

Type of Rake

One other aspect to consider is the type of leaf rake you need. These tools can be classified into a few different categories:

  • Standard – what makes this rake unique is the broad fan-like head that attaches to flexible tines. With a wider rake head, it’s able to sweep more leaves with each pass. This is the leaf rake your parents made you use.
  • Mini/ Hand scoop – this tool is characterized by two individual curved rake plates- one for either hand. The user has to seize the dry leaves and pour them into a bag or bin. They look ridiculous, but they actually work pretty well.
  • Scoop – this is a modern spin on the traditional tool. In addition to collecting leaves, the rake can also lift large piles of leaves. Scoop rakes are further divided into two: single-headed and double-headed. I don’t really like or recommend this type of rake, but here is a little more information:
    • Single-headed – this is fairly similar to the standard type. The only difference is that the single-headed unit has a rake head that folds inward. This design makes it easy for the rake to grab, lift and deposit leaves into a bag or compost pile.
    • Double-headed – this scoop rake comes in one of two designs. The first comprises two rake heads, which are then attached to a single handle. The second consist of two rakes connected together via a moving joint. This particular rake works like a pair of tongs.

Type of Tines

The one thing that you should pay attention to when buying a leaf rake is the material used in their construction.

Raking Leaves

There are four main options to choose from: metal, polyresin, plastic, and bamboo. Here’s a quick breakdown of each one:

  • Metal – Oftentimes, metal tines are made of steel. I’m not sure I’m breaking any news here, but steel is very strong. That makes steel-tine rakes suitable for heavy-duty yard work. You can expect such a rake to be heavy and more expensive.
  • Plastic – if you’ll only use the rake for light-duty work, then plastic tines are probably good enough. They’re lightweight, which means that the rake will be light too. They’re cheap, which is nice, but they break very easily, so try not to be a hero out there.
  • Polyresin –  made of polymer, these tines are the middle ground between metal and plastic. They offer the durability of metal tines and the flexibility of plastic tines. This is where you want to live, baby. That polyresin leaf rake lifestyle!
  • Bamboo – searching for a material that aligns with your green lifestyle? Then, bamboo tines are the way to go. Bamboo is highly-sustainable (and delicious if you ask pretty much any panda), which makes it good for the environment. That said, bamboo tines are very light, so they’re only suitable for small-scale raking projects. You know – like the amount of leaves you could fit in your Prius.

Your Leaf Rake Handle

Once you’ve determined what tines to go for, examine the handle.

Here, you’ll want to pay attention to its length and material.

  • Length – most rakes range between 36 and 67 inches. To find the ideal length that works for you, consider your height and preferred reach. For instance, if you’re tall, then you’ll want to opt for a longer handle. If you’re short … well, you get the idea.
  • Material – rake handles are typically made of wood, metal or fiberglass.
    • Wood – although strong, wooden handles aren’t weather-resistant. Without proper care, they’re easily damaged from exposure to moisture. Keep them clean, don’t leave them out, and give them a coat of quick-dry poly once a year and they’ll last for years.
    • Metal – if you’re looking for a rake that offers the best durability, then go with a metallic handle. Do keep in mind that certain metals are heavier than others. For instance, steel handles are strong but they’re quite heavy. Conversely, aluminum handles weigh less and they’re also more affordable, but aluminum is a softer metal that’s more likely to bend.
    • Fiberglass – rakes with fiberglass handles tend to be the most expensive. But, that’s because they’re awesome. Unlike their steel counterparts, they’re resistant to corrosion and rust. And, they’re barely affected by extreme cold or heat.

And one more point on rake handle length – the longer it is, the more leverage you’ll have (just like the more your kid wants what you promise them after raking, the more leverage you’ll have).

Ferrule (yes, that’s a word)

This is the section of the rake that connects to the handle (now you’re ready for Jeopardy!).

Ideally, it should be made from the same material as the tines. Still, it’s good to check whether the rake head is attached securely before you buy it.


Lastly, don’t forget to check the weight of the leaf rake. The weight of most leaf rakes ranges from less than a pound to 5 pounds.

A lighter rake is ideal for light-duty tasks and vice versa. But if you’re looking for one that can handle both light- and heavy-duty tasks, then look for a medium-weight rake weighing between 2 and 3 pounds.

These differences in weight seem trivial, but for big fall clean-ups that take all day I find that small variations in weight directly correlate to the amount of Advil you need to take when you finish.

Extra Features

These additional elements will help you make the most of your leaf rake. They include:

  • Telescoping handle – this helps you adjust the handle length to suit your height. Sadly, you can’t use it to spy on astronauts.
  • Collapsible design – if you have limited storage space, a collapsible handle is a really nice-to-have feature, but if you have a garage, save your money.
  • Adjustable rake head – this means that you can adjust the spread of the tines depending on the task at hand. Do you really need to optimize your raking experience like this?
  • Cushioned grip – this prevents fatigue when you have to hold the leaf rake for a prolonged time. Do you need it? No. But I don’t need heated seats in my car either, and I’m still glad I have them.

While some of these snazzy features sound attractive, in my experience anything with extra moving parts is going to break sooner.

This means that you’ll pay more for a tool that doesn’t last as long. So how cool are those features, really?

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Leaf Rake

There’s no denying that raking is a thankless, tiring task. You know what makes it worse? A bad rake (or one that breaks).

Using a Leaf Rake

Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid:

  • Buying a leaf rake with a narrow spread – don’t neglect the width of the rake head. If you buy a rake with a very narrow spread, you’ll only be able to collect a few leaves at a time. And as a result, you’ll end up spending way more time than you need to.
  • Relying on only one type of leaf rake – if you have a big yard, investing in more than one type of rake is a smart idea. Use a standard rake to gather all the leaves and debris into one spot. You can then use a scoop rake to lift and load them up into a bag or bin, and a shrub rake to quickly clear garden beds and borders.
  • Buying the wrong rake – rakes look fairly identical but this doesn’t mean that they have similar applications. To remove leaves from your yard, a leaf rake is the best tool. So don’t buy a garden rake, thatch rake, or landscaping rake.

My List of the Best Leaf Rakes

Here’s my list of the best leaf rakes for different applications and types of user. 

  1. BEST OVERALL: True Temper 26-Inch Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake
  2. BEST VALUE: Fiskars Leaf Rake
  3. BEST STEEL TINE: Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake
  4. BEST BAMBOO: Bond 63″ 30 Tine Bamboo Leaf Rake
  5. BEST HEAVY-DUTY: Bully Tools 30-Inch Poly Leaf Rake
  6. BEST CLOG-FREE: True Temper Clog Free Poly Leaf Rake
  7. BEST SHRUB RAKE: Martha Stewart MTS-TELR Shrub Rake
  8. BEST LEAF SCOOPS: ReLeaf Leaf Scoops from GardEase
  9. BEST FOR KIDS: Little Diggers Children’s Garden Leaf Rake

True Temper Dual-Tine Poly Leaf Rake

Ames’ True Temper is made of premium-quality materials. This results in a powerful leaf-raking tool that’s ideal for homeowners and professionals alike. Here are some of the features that make it stand out.

Rake head

Designed to rake big-size yards, this True Temper rake comes with a 26-inch head. This is a pretty decent offering, considering the head size on other rakes is only about 24 inches or less.

But, what I find even more impressive is the dual-tine design that rakes more leaves in one pass. This, in turn, saves you time and minimizes the risk of clogging.


Another outstanding feature of the True Temper is the handle.

Not only does it come in a decent length, but it’s also coated in rubber. The 60-inch length means that you don’t have to bend over constantly when raking. On the other hand, the rubber coating allows you to maintain a firm grip.

Also crucial to note is that this handle is made of steel. This choice of material provides better durability than a plastic handle would.


Not every manufacturer offers a warranty for their gardening equipment.

Luckily, Ames is one of the few brands that do, offering a staggering 15-year warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong, your investment is covered. 

Requires assembly

For the most part, True Temper 26-Inch Leaf Rake is a worthy buy. However, it comes in two separate components that you have to piece together.

The disappointing bit is that the manufacturer doesn’t include an assembly kit or instructions to help you with this. So you’ll likely have to figure out everything on your own.

True Temper 26-Inch Leaf Rake Specifications

Rake head width26 inches
Handle length60 inches
Handle materialSteel
  • Dual tines allow you to clear a wider area in less time
  • 60-inch long handle reduces stress on your back
  • Steel handle for optimal durability
  • Backed by a 15-year warranty
  • Lacks instructions on how to assemble it

My Final Take-Away: If you’re looking for a no-frills leaf rake that gets the job done, then the True Temper 26-inch model is just what you need. It’s the best all-around tool at a great price, and simply works better than most single-tine rakes.

Our Expert’s Take: Art Davidson, a horticulturist and member of our expert panel, adds that he thinks “the Tru Temper 26″ Dual Tine is the best choice hands down.”

Where to Buy This True Temper Dual Tine Leaf Rake

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Best Value

Fiskars Leaf Rake

Looking for a leaf rake that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? The low-priced Fiskars model fits the bill perfectly. Here’s what you can expect:

Rake head

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that it has a very unique design. This comprises a teardrop-shaped head that’s 24 inches wide. Though it’s not the biggest, it’s wide enough to move large piles of leaves with each pass.

But what makes it even more exceptional are the curved tines that give the rake its teardrop design. This curvature serves two purposes. First off, it prevents the rake from piercing debris. And secondly, it allows the rake to collect more leaves without clogging. 

That said, it’s important to note that the tines are made of resin. Though the manufacturer alleges that they’re strong, resin tines are prone to breaking.

Comfortable handle

Another one of my favorite features of the Fiskars Leaf Rake is the handle. I’ll start with the fact that it’s 67 inches long. This enables you to rake without bending over; hence, reducing back strain.

Secondly, it’s made of aluminum, hitting the sweet spot between weight and durability. This results in a handle that’s both sturdy and lightweight.


Worried that your Fiskars rake won’t last? Well, you don’t have to as the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

Fiskars Leaf Rake Specifications

Rake head width24 inches
Handle length67 inches
Handle materialAluminum
  • Curved tines to prevent clogging
  • 67-inch long handle to minimize back strain
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Aluminum shaft is strong and lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Resin tines aren’t the most durable

My Final Take-Away: For homeowners looking to save a few bucks, the Fiskars Leaf Rake is a very affordable option from one of my favorite entry-level lawn and gardening tool brands.

Where to Buy the Fiskars Leaf Rake

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake

The Ames Companies has established a solid reputation in this niche. So it’s not surprising that another one of their creations is top-ranking. Here’s a brief overview of their 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake


A keen look at this rake shows that the manufacturer really thought about its design. It’s made of quality materials that not only enhance its durability but also its performance.

For the handle, Ames opted to use hardwood. This means you can use it for heavy-duty applications without worrying that it will bend or break.

The tines, on the other hand, are made of steel. So regardless of the debris you encounter, they’ll be able to rake effortlessly.

One other thing I like about this steel head is the fact that it’s bolted to the handle. With such a secure connection, you’ll never have to worry about it detaching from the rake during use.

That said, it has one drawback that might be a deal-breaker for some. It’s just 22 inches wide, which is significantly smaller than other options. This means that it collects fewer leaves with each pass.


There are a couple of things we like about the Ames Steel Rake handle. For starters, it’s 61 inches long, giving you a decent length to work with.

Secondly, it has a cushioned grip that takes up about 6 inches of the handle’s length.This provides extra comfort, enabling you to rake for an extended period without experiencing hand fatigue.


Leaf raking isn’t the only task that this tool can handle. The steel head provides a flat working edge that makes it fit for other yard projects. These include spreading mulch and prepping bare soil for planting.


Like the other Ames Rake we reviewed earlier, this one also comes with a 15-year warranty.

Ames 22-Tine Steel Leaf Rake Specifications

Rake head width22 inches
Handle length61 inches
Handle materialHardwood
  • Suitable for a wide range of gardening projects
  • Steel tines are more durable than polyresin
  • Th wooden handle makes for excellent durability
  • Cushioned grip for maximum comfort
  • Includes a 15-year warranty
  • Smaller rake head making it unsuitable for clearing debris in large yards

My Final Take-Away: Is the debris you’re planning to rake mixed up with gravel or wood? If it is, then consider a rake with steel tines like the Ames 22 Steel-Tine Leaf Rake.

Where to Buy the Ames Steel-Tine Leaf Rake

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Bond 63" 30-Tine Bamboo Leaf Rake

Are you passionate about conserving the environment? If you are, this eco-friendly leaf rake is designed just for you.

The Bond 63” 30 Tine Rake is made of bamboo, which is regarded as one of the most sustainable materials. Here are other features you can expect from this leaf rake. 

Rake head

The width of most rake heads ranges from 22 to 26 inches. But the Bond model takes things up a notch by offering a whopping 30-inch wide rake head. This enables it to transport larger loads of leaves quickly and easily.

Better yet, the tines are attached to the rake head using a coiled spring. This makes for a modestly sturdy connection.


The decision to use bamboo for the handle is very clever.

For one, it keeps the rake’s weight to a minimum. This, in turn, helps to prevent hand fatigue when you’re raking for long hours at a time. Bamboo is also relatively durable and good for the environment.

Furthermore, you’ll never have to worry about the rake slipping from your hands during use. This is thanks to its non-slip grip.

Unfortunately, the handle is just 40 inches long, which might not work for taller users.

Bond 63” 30 Tine Bamboo Leaf Rake Specifications

Rake head width30 inches
Handle length40 inches
Handle materialBamboo
  • 30-inch rake head gathers large piles of leaves
  • A non-slip grip for ease of use
  • The bamboo handle is sturdy and eco-friendly
  • Lightweight profile to prevent unnecessary hand fatigue
  • The handle is a little too short

My Final Take-Away: If you’ve been hunting for an eco-friendly leaf rake, the Bond 63” 30 Tine Bamboo is the ultimate choice. It’s old-school, and the style of rake I grew up with. They clog a bit easier, but work well otherwise.

Where to Buy the Bond Bamboo Leaf Rake

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Bully Tools 30-Inch Poly Leaf Rake

Heavy-duty applications are no match for the Bully Tools Poly Leaf Rake. This tool is equipped with cutting-edge features, making it capable of handling anything you throw at it. Here’s a more detailed look at it:

Rake head

This rake has a stunning 30-inch head width – the biggest in our review. This allows it to pull heavy loads of leaves with every single pass.

Another feature that really impresses is the design of the rake’s tines. For one, they contain double-sided ridges, minimizing the risk of breakage. They also have curved tips, making it easy to rake matted debris.


This handle offers a decent reach whilst providing unmatched durability and comfort.

It boasts a triple-wall build, which comprises a wood core, fiberglass, and steel ferrule. These materials work well together to create a handle that’s resistant to bending and cracking.

The 46-inch length of this handle is a bitter-sweet situation. For one, it makes the rake very easy to maneuver. However, it has a limited reach considering its rivals offer up to 60-inch long handles.

On the brighter side, it has a rubber grip that makes it comfortable to use for extended raking sessions.


The Bully Tools leaf rake is shipped in pieces but it’s incredibly easy to assemble. All that’s required is to insert the handle into the rake head and secure it with the provided screw.

Bully Tools 30-Inch Poly Leaf Rake Specifications

Rake head width30 inches
Handle length46 inches
Handle materialFiberglass
  • The wide head is able to move large piles of leaves faster
  • Well-designed handle lasts for a long time
  • Sturdy tines are resistant to breakage
  • Rubber grip to improve comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • The handle is shorter than others

My Final Take-Away: The Bully Tools 30-Inch Poly is not your average leaf rake. It offers top-quality features that include a 30-inch rake head, fiberglass handle & poly tines with double-sided reinforcement. It’s a beast designed for big jobs.

Where to Buy the Bully Tools Poly Leaf Rake

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

True Temper Clog Free Leaf Rake

There’s nothing more upsetting than a rake that constantly gets clogged up with debris. Whenever this happens, you have to stop mid-way and unclog the rake before you can move on.

To avoid this, consider investing in a no-clog tool like the True Temper Poly Leaf Rake.


The smartly-engineered head design of this rake offers two benefits. Firstly, it prevents leaves from being speared by the tines. Secondly, it prevents clogging, which translates to a faster raking time.

This rake head is a modest 24 inches, allowing it to collect large amounts of debris with each pass.


I have mixed feelings when it comes to the handle of the True Temper Poly Rake. On one hand, it’s made of hardwood, giving it exceptional durability.

On the other hand, it comes in a fixed 48-inch length. Though it’s longer than the Bully Tools and Bond Bamboo models, it still has a limited reach. So if you’re working on a large-sized area, it will take you several passes to clear debris.

On a more positive note, the handle sports a long cushion grip. Plus, the entire leaf rake weighs just under 2 pounds. Both of these factors make the rake comfortable to use for extended periods at a time.

True Temper Clog Free Poly Leaf Rake Specifications

Rake head width24 inches
Handle length48 inches
Handle materialHardwood
  • 24-inch rake head collects large piles of leaves
  • The clog-free design allows you to finish raking faster
  • The ergonomically-designed handle is comfortable to use
  • The 48-inch long handle is not fit for taller users

My Final Take-Away: This True Temper leaf rake is ingeniously-designed to prevent clogging; thus, saving you time during fall clean up or gardening projects. I have one and it’s my go-to for areas with pinecones and wet leaves.

Where to Buy the True Temper Clog-Free Leaf Rake

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Martha Stewart MTS-TELR Shrub Rake

Large rakes are great for clearing bushes during autumn. But sometimes, a smaller shrub rake comes in handy when cleaning hard-to-reach spaces.

This shrub rake from Martha Stewart is an excellent example. It reaches tight spots effortlessly and allows you to manipulate its length to your liking.

It offers the toughness and utility Martha Stewart relied on to thrive in prison without any of the totally unnecessary condescension she serves guests at brunch.

Here’s what I like about this rake.

Telescoping handle

We can all agree that clearing large bushes and shrubs is no easy task. You may have to bend for hours to reach those tiny leaves, debris, and branches. MTS-TELR’s handle makes work easier thanks to its telescopic handle.

The handle extends up to 35 inches, reducing the strain on your back; hence, making the task more enjoyable. What’s more, you can rake up the leaves without having to stop to empty the contents of the tool.

Rake head width

MTS-TELR is all about comfort. To begin with, its 5.4-inch compact spring tines make it easy to maneuver through hard-to-reach spots.

When coupled with the weight factor (1.35 pounds), reaching between plants and around corners becomes effortless. I also love the non-slip comfort grip because I can use the rake for hours without developing blisters.


The one area where this rake seems to fall short is the handle’s material. The fact that it’s made of plastic makes it less durable than its wooden and metallic counterparts.

On the plus side, its tines are designed to last. The carbon-steel tines are some of the strongest, able to perform heavy-duty tasks without bending.

Martha Stewart MTS-TELR Leaf Rake Specifications

Rake head width4 inches
Handle length18 to 35 inches
Handle materialPlastic
  • The telescoping handle makes the rake fit for users of different heights
  • Carbon steel tines offer maximum durability
  • Has a compact design that makes the rake easy to maneuver around tight spots
  • Handle is made of plastic, which tends to break easily
  • This handle doesn’t lock into position

My Final Take-Away: The Martha Stewart MTS-TELR Shrub Rake is a great buy for a shrub rake. From the 35-inch telescoping handle to the non-slip comfort grip, and the 5.4-inch carbon-steel tines, clearing around bushes has never been easier.

Where to Buy PRODUCT

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Best Leaf Scoops

ReLeaf Leaf Scoops from GardEase

Gathering leaves is never easy. But what’s even harder is lifting them into a bin or garbage bag. This is where scoop rakes such as this one come in handy.

Here’s what you can expect from the ReLeaf Scoops from GardEase.

Storage Capacity

One of the key highlights of these scoops is their robust design. You can quickly pick up piles of leaves, and with the closed scoop design, there’s little spillage.

The hands are so large that you can use them to spread mulch in your kitchen garden. You’ll also love the hanging holes on the upper side, which make it easy to store them.


Although these leaf scoops are made from plastic, they’re sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of the roughest lawns.

Besides, the plastic construction makes for easy cleaning and lasts long without much maintenance.


Another thing you’ll love about the scoop rakes entails their lightweight profile. They only weigh 1.2 pounds, despite being very robust.

They are also easy to wear. Simply, slip your hands through the slots and start scooping the dirt away. 

The best part is that you can use them while wearing a pair of gloves. This then minimizes the risk of developing blisters. Better yet, the scoops have a barrier that protects hands against the sharp parts of a plant.

ReLeaf Scoops Specifications

Dimensions19 x 15 x 6.9 inches
Weight1.2 pounds
  • Ingeniously designed to minimize spillage and protect your hands
  • Easy to store
  • Capable of picking up a ton of dirt with each scoop
  • The leaf scoops come at a steep price

My Final Take-Away: Picking up leaves, debris, and dirt after raking can be tedious, but with these leaf scoops, it becomes a breeze. Their robust design allows you to pick up lots of yard debris at once and the closed-back form minimizes spillage.

Where to Buy the ReLeaf Scoops

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Little Diggers Children's Garden Leaf Rake

All kidding aside, I love spending time with my kids. And raking in the fall was one of the first outdoor activities that my kids could actually help me with (and wanted to).

This rake is perfect for young kids who want to take part in your fall clean-up and feel like they’re helping with a tool that’s just right for them.

This rake’s small form and lightweight construction allow them to carry it around without getting tired.

Here are a few more reasons why I love this leaf rake:


I love this rake’s short handle. With a height of 36 inches only, it does a pretty good job of raking, and my kids can carry it around without getting tired. I also love the wood construction, and the look of the rake with it’s natural wood handle.

Rake head width

I wouldn’t compare this leaf rake with an adult-sized one in terms of performance, but for its size it works pretty well. With a rake head width of 10 inches, my kids spend a little more time raking a space, but let’s be real – this is for the photos, memories, and to let them feel like they’re helping.

Its narrow form also makes it an excellent tool for clearing garden and perennial beds.

Little Diggers Children’s Garden Leaf Rake Specifications

Rake head width10 inches
Handle length36 inches
Handle materialWood
  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • The natural wood handle is attractive and well-made
  • Can only rake small spaces

My Final Take-Away: The Little Diggers Children’s Garden Leaf Rake makes a great kiddie rake. It’s light enough to carry around without causing fatigue and its solid construction means it can last until your kid outgrows it. Best for kids 5 and under.

Where to Buy this Little Diggers Children’s Leaf Rake

You can compare prices and order this online at the following retailers:

Still Not Sure?

Let Me Answer Some Common Buyer Questions

Sarah, the "Lawn Chick" of

If you’re like many homeowners shopping for a leaf rake, you don’t want to buy a bad tool.

Below I’ll try to provide some more information about choosing and using a good rake for clearing leaves from your lawn.

I’ll also help you out by explaining some of my best tips, tricks for raking leaves efficiently and saving time, including sharing the exact process I use to clear my lot of leaves each fall.

If you’re still interested in learning more, please explore my site. I have hundreds of in-depth articles on a range of topics about yard maintenance and lawn care, and I expect that you might find one that addresses your specific question or concern.

You may also enjoy my list of the best leaf blowers to help with your leaf clean-up this year.

For now, here’s some further reading about choosing and using leaf rakes that might help as you make your final purchase decision:

Are Metal or Plastic Rakes Better for Leaves?

There’s not one right answer to this question. The truth is, neither is superior to the other all the time. It really depends on how you intend to use the leaf rake, the type and quantity of leaves you need to rake, and the size of your property.

Leaf Rake

For small-scale jobs like smoothing screened soil or compost when top-dressing your lawn and eliminating large piles of fallen leaves, a plastic rake will suffice.

However, if you want to undertake more hardcore yard tasks like smoothing gravel and have lots of tough pine-cones and downed sticks and tree branches, a metal leaf rake will serve you better.

Personally, I prefer a tough polyresin leaf rake with a wood or fiberglass handle for most yard tasks.

What is the Most Efficient Way to Rake Leaves?

The basics of raking leaves are pretty simple. However, there are a few things you can do to make your work a whole lot easier. These include:

  • Only rake after most of the leaves fall – starting to rake your yard when it only has a few leaves is a fool’s errand. Instead, you should wait till the trees seem almost bare to start raking.
  • Leverage the wind – another time-saving hack is to rake in the same direction that the wind is blowing. The breeze can move the dry leaves along, making your work easier.
  • Use short strokes and take breaks – a common mistake that people make is to take big, sweep swipes with their leaf rake. But this causes them to feel fatigued very quickly. Instead, you should use short strokes and rest every once in a while.

When is the Best Time to Rake Leaves?

Once the leaves start falling on your yard, you’ll want to rake them within a period of 3 to 4 days. Allowing the leaves to sit for too long can smother your lawn. So be sure to act swiftly.

That said, there are a couple of exceptions to this. For instance, if the layer of leaves is very thick, then you should rake even sooner. Similarly, if you’re dealing with soggy, matted leaves, they ought to be removed promptly.

Is it Better to Rake Leaves Wet or Dry?

The best time to rake leaves is when they are still dry. Once the rain pours, the leaves become soggy and dense. Worse even is the fact that they clump together, increasing their risk of clogging your leaf rake.

Try to do your raking on a calm day with dry leaves if you can.

Do you Really Need to Rake all the Leaves?

Yes and no. Raking leaves is certainly a taxing job. But, it’s one that you shouldn’t put off, and if you’re going to bother raking, you may as well clean up your whole yard.

Best Leaf Rake for Lawn

Some homeowners advocate for mulching your leaves with your mower to leave nutrients on your property. If you have a light layer of leaves, absolutely do that.

But, if you leave a very thick layer of fallen leaves to sit in your yard, it will deprive the grass of the sunlight it needs to grow healthily.

Here are other compelling reasons for raking leaves:

  • Gives your lawn a neat look
  • Gets rid of damaging lawn thatch
  • Eliminate pests that can make a home from the fallen leaves

Can I Mow & Mulch Leaves Instead of Raking?

If you loathe the idea of raking leaves, there’s one hack you can use.

Simply mow over the leaves, which then causes them to break down into tinier pieces. This then allows precious nutrients to be returned to the soil through decomposition.

Raking Leaves Off the Lawn

However, mowing is an equally tedious chore. So the decision boils down to the task that you deem less tiring.

Personally, I like to rake the big dry piles of leaves for my kids, and then rake onto a tarp to take that to the brush dump when they’ve finished jumping in them.

The balance of leaves, I mow with my mulching mower, then I go over the lawn to mow again and bag the clippings and mulched leaves (almost like a vacuum).

On my property this delivers great results with the least amount of effort.

Can you use a Dethatching Rake to Remove Leaves?

No, you can’t. This tool contains razor-sharp blades on each side of the head. So if you use it to rake, you may end up damaging the lawn grass in the process.

As its name suggests, this tool is designed specifically to dethatch your lawn.

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