Lawn Edging

Lawn Edging: The Ultimate Guide

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Lawn edging is a surprisingly simple task that (when done properly) will set your lawn apart from many others. Having untidy edges to your yard makes your lawn look unkempt, even with regular mowing and proper irrigation and fertilization. The truth is that it doesn’t take much more effort to clean up those edges and give your lawn a masterful look. In today’s article I’ll tell you how to do it, the tools and techniques you can try, common mistakes to avoid, and some methods to improve your landscape design (and make edging your lawn easier at the same time).

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What Height Should I Cut My Grass

What Height Should I Cut My Grass for a Healthy Lawn?

Even experienced homeowners who have mowed their lawns for years may ask themselves “What height should I cut my grass for best results and a healthy lawn?

Many folks, especially those new to maintaining a lawn, may not think much about their grass height. Most people mow their lawn every weekend, or when the grass looks too long. Perhaps you have a landscaping team that comes every other week and you don’t put much thought into your lawn health.

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