Mow Over Lawn Edging

Why You Should Install Mow Over Lawn Edging

Now that spring is on the horizon, it’s time to start planning projects for when your lawn and garden wake from their long winter slumber. For me, spring means mower maintenance, mulching my garden beds, applying a good pre-emergent to the lawn, and edging my lawn and garden beds. If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your curb appeal and cut your yardwork time this season, consider mow over lawn edging. It is a lower-maintenance alternative to traditional edging styles, and every time you mow you’ll thank yourself for installing it in your yard.

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Fertilizer Numbers for Lawn

Fertilizer Numbers for Lawn Grass (explained)

So, you’re out shopping for your lawn again, and you notice three numbers on each bag of fertilizer you see on the shelf. In today’s article I’ll unpack what these numbers tell you about each fertilizer product, how each of these three macronutrients can benefit your lawn, seasonal considerations, and much more to choose the best lawn fertilizer for your property … by the numbers. Keep reading to read my guide to fertilizer numbers for lawn grass – what they mean, and how to choose the right fertilizer for your yard to thrive.

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How to Level a Sloping Lawn

How to Level a Sloping Lawn (and why you should)

A sloping lawn can be a big landscape problem. If you don’t deal with it in the right way or take too long, you can end up with soil erosion and flooding (because of poor drainage). And of course, a sloping lawn is an aesthetic issue for many homeowners. But leveling a sloping lawn is a tricky (and sometimes expensive) task. Today, I’m going to explain how to level a sloping lawn and share some things you’ll need to know before taking on this project.

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Grass Zone Map

Grass Zone Map (what type of grass is best for my lawn?)

Knowing and understanding the grass zone you live in is key to having a healthy lawn. Not only will it tell you what types of lawn grass will grow well in your region (and which will not), but it will also help you discover the best lawn maintenance schedule for your yard. In the grass zone map featured at the top of this article, you’ll notice that there are three primary grass growing zones in the United States.

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Does Dish Soap Kill Grass

Does Dish Soap Kill Grass in Your Lawn?

It’s becoming more common for homeowners to find natural ways to maintain their lawns and manage problems in their yard. This includes using dish soap to get rid of pests. While this method can be effective, there are certain risks that come with using household soap on your lawn. Does dish soap kill grass? Yes, if you don’t use the proper amount regular old dish soap could kill the grass in your lawn.

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