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Best Lawn Care Subscription Options (in-depth reviews)

Lawn care subscription services are a new and convenient way to manage your yard’s annual fertilization schedule. You pay an annual, monthly, or a per-delivery charge and get all of the fertilizer and weed control products you need for your lawn, delivered right to your home.

Today’s lawn care subscription options offer homeowners a middle ground. They’re less expensive than paying Trugreen or a local lawn care company to take care of your lawn for you. And they save you the hassle of choosing the right products. You won’t have to figure out how much you need, and when to buy and apply them.

For many busy homeowners the subscription model is a great way to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from DIY lawn care, without dealing with the more mundane tasks that come with it.

Sunday Lawn Care Subscription - Best Overall
5 Star Rating

Setting the standard.

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Lawnbright Lawn Care Subscription Service - Runner Up
5 Star Rating

All-organic up-and-comer.

Lawnbox - Best Granular Lawn Care Subscription (organic)
4 Star Rating

Premium, plant-based granular.

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There are multiple different lawn care subscription service options out there, each with their own pros and cons.

And before you decide which lawn subscription service is right for you … you first need to determine if a subscription service even is right for you (and your lawn) in the first place.

  • If you don’t like doing anything outside in your yard, a subscription service probably isn’t going to work well. You should consider hiring out your lawn care to a pro.
  • If you enjoy doing the research and hand-selecting products for your yard, you may want to grab my free cheat sheet. Follow the plan I outline there instead.

But if you’re somewhere in the middle, or just want to give lawn care subscription a try for a season to see how it works for you, read on!

What You’ll Find in this Article

Below I’ll provide an in-depth summary of the nine best lawn care subscription options available to you. I’ll explore some unique features each offer, and I’ll help you decide which falls into your budget. (Spoiler: they’re all pretty close in terms of price).

Best Subscription Lawn Care Program

The following article is an in depth look at nine popular lawn subscription plans. This comparison will cover the services they offer, their prices, and any additional information you should know about.

At the end of this article, you’ll find a detailed section comparing the cost and results of DIY lawn care, to hiring a pro, to lawn box subscriptions.

So make sure you read all the way to the end!

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I have used and trialed products included in all 9 programs I discuss here on my own lawn.

Beyond that first-hand experience using products offered in these subscription services, I’ve had conversations with representatives from several of these companies to gain a better understanding of their product line, approach to lawn care, and commitment to customer service.

And when you read my editorial policy and publishing standards, you’ll understand my commitment to vetting content for accuracy, keeping my articles up-to-date, and you’ll also notice that I hire credentialed experts to be part of my expert panel. This group of horticulturists and turfgrass specialists is paid to review all of the articles I publish and leverage their knowledge, experience, and expertise to certify the accuracy of the information I share on my blog.

I’ve also spent hours combing through verified customer reviews online. I published this article to share what I know with readers looking for honest information and a fair comparison.

I’ll be straight and tell you that I haven’t subscribed for a full year of each of these lawn care subscription services (I only have one lawn after all!). But I feel confident that I can use my hands-on experience with their products during my 16+ years as a homeowner, conversations with company reps, and in-depth research to help you make the best choice for your lawn.

I’ll give it to you straight – warts and all!

Trust and Accuracy Information

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The Best 9 Lawn Care Subscription Options to Consider

  • SUNDAY (Best Overall) – A pioneer in the space, they’re a great company based in Colorado that launched in 2019, offering organic products and a seamless subscription service that has set the standard. (learn more)
  • LAWNBRIGHT (Rising Star) – A rapidly growing newcomer, Lawnbright offers natural lawn care products and a slick back-end that delivers watering tips and more based on your local weather, taking the guesswork out of every aspect of lawn care. (learn more)
  • LAWNBOX (Best Organic Granular) – Excellent plant-based fertilizers that are 100% organic and OMRI listed. These premium fertilizers are packaged and delivered well and are a good option for homeowners who want a granular product line while keeping things safe and natural for kids and pets. (learn more)
  • JONATHAN GREEN’S NEW AMERICAN LAWN PLAN (Best Value) – I personally use Jonathan Green seed and fertilizers on my lawn, and their 4-Step New American Lawn Plan offers homeowners great quality weed and feed products along with a unique soil conditioner to fine-tune your pH and optimize for nutrient uptake. A tremendous value for homeowners on a budget.
  • THE ANDERSONS FOUR-STEP ANNUAL LAWN PLAN (Best Granular) – Want pro-quality granular products from one of the most trusted names in the turf industry? Consider The Andersons Four Step Program to nourish your lawn and clear weeds with 4 easy applications per year.
  • GNOME (New Kid On The Block) – The new kid on the block with some fun marketing and branding, Gnome Lawn Care offers a couple of different liquid fertilizer lawn care subscription options that come in easy-to-use hose-end sprayer pouches.
  • LAWNSERV (Curated DIY) – One of the most expensive options, if you have a smaller lawn, consider LawnServ. They package high-quality third-party products and ship them to you to save you time. (learn more)
  • DOMYOWN (Best for Weedy Lawns) – There’s no organic option here, but if you struggle with weeds or disease in your lawn, you’ll love the DoMyOwn TurfBox. Give them a season or two and you’ll be amazed by the progress your lawn makes. (learn more)
  • SCOTTS (A Familiar Brand) – With the Scotts Lawn Program subscription program you’ll receive the products you know and trust – the same ones you see regularly advertised on TV. But here, you’ll enjoy the convenience of regular, automated delivery which makes lawn care more convenient. (learn more)


Sunday Lawn Care Subscription Service

The first lawn subscription service on our list is called Sunday.

With over 3,000 reviews and a 4.5 star average, it’s a very popular subscription service. Sunday consistently delivers customers high quality lawn care items and turns neglected lawns into lush and fresh yards.

The service figures out what your lawn needs so you don’t have to. All you need to do is fill out a questionnaire. Select the plan and products you want, and Sunday will deliver everything you need. This way you can focus on taking care of your lawn, and leave the planning to the pros.

Here’s a quick unboxing video so you can get an idea of what you might receive in your first delivery:

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Plans They Offer

Sunday Lawn Starter Kit

It’s quick and easy to get your custom pricing on their website, and once you do you’ll find that Sunday offers three different options for lawn care:

  • basic care,
  • keep and protect, and
  • grow and renew.

Here’s a bit about what you can expect from each plan:

Basic Care

Basic care includes only the essentials you need to keep your lawn healthy. It comes with 12 different sprayable pouches of fertilizer and micronutrients and a soil test kit.

The micronutrients are tailored specifically to what your lawn needs. These needs are based on where it’s located and the questionnaire you fill out. The annual fee for this subscription plan varies based on your lawn size (it only takes a few minutes to get your custom quote right here), but for most homeowners it may be about $230 a year.

Keep and Protect

Keep and protect includes the two products mentioned above and more. This plan also throws in a reusable gallon sprayer to help spray the micronutrients and a weed concentrate to help fend off plants that are harmful to your lawn.

Again, this plan will vary based on the size of your lawn, but for many homeowners the cost will come in around $258 a year. I find it a perfect for getting your lawn back into shape if it has been neglected.

Grow and Renew

Last but not least, the grow and renew plan includes all of the products in the two previous plans and three bags of seed.

Seed is meant to be spread on your lawn during the start of growing seasons, and is designed to fill in any patchy or dead spots. I’m a huge fan of overseeding your lawn to improve it. If you are dealing with thin or patchy areas, this is the plan I recommend.

It also helps to differentiate Sunday’s lawn care subscription service from the others. Seed is expensive, trying to choose the right one is a headache. It’s great that they include that for you.

Since this plan has the most products, it is the most expensive. For many homeowners it costs around $330 a year. Again – the exact price depends upon the size of your yard. (Tip: you can save 15% off your annual subscription with promo code LAWNCHICK2024)

Receiving Your First Shipment

Each box comes in four installments throughout the year. When the boxes arrive will vary based on your location. But that’s the nice part of a subscription lawn care service like Sunday – they send it to you when you need it. You don’t have to overthink it (or think about it at all, really). Just open the box, follow the directions, and the products to your lawn.

A Peek Inside the First Delivery Box of My Sunday Subscription
A peek inside the first box I received with my Sunday subscription. Everything was double-bagged, packed extremely well, and the “start here” box was easy to find so I knew what to do first to get started.

The first package Sunday sends you will include a kit to take and send back a small sample of your soil. This allows them to fine-tune the products they send and continue to provide the best care for your lawn.

Sunday Soil Test Probe
The included soil test sample collection tool was a nice touch – better than what’s included with most kits
Sunday Soil Test Envelope
The envelope you put your soil sample in – the instructions are printed right on the outside
Sunday Soil Kit Package
The box and pre-paid shipping label to send your soil sample to the lab for analysis

I’ve used a fair number of soil tests, including those provided with other subscriptions – Sundays was the best for a few reasons:

  • The included probe was superior to every other kit I’ve used. Many companies charge extra for this, or just include a cheap scoop like a measuring cup. Sunday’s probe allows you to collect a clean soil sample core without disturbing the appearance of your lawn. It also lets you get deep enough to provide a more complete analysis of your lawn’s topsoil.
  • The turn-around time was significantly faster. I tested Gnome’s soil test kit and Sunday’s at the same time, dropping them in the mail at the same time. Both companies actually use the same lab, so the samples were mailed to the same address, but the lab must prioritize Sunday’s soil test orders because I had the results in less than a week, whereas it took about two weeks to get the results back from Gnome’s kit.

My one piece of advice as you prepare for your first Sunday shipping is to get some packing tape – you’ll need it to secure the box for shipping and protect your sample and that wasn’t included.

How Much Does Sunday’s Lawn Care Subscription Cost?

Best DIY Lawn Care Subscription

Sunday doesn’t base their price ranges off of the size of your lawn. Rather, it bases their prices on what kind of products you get. The more products you get, the more expensive it will be, with most homeowners locking in a price between $250 and $350 for an annual subscription (and you can take 15% off your order with promo code: LAWNCHICK2024).

However, Sunday doesn’t recommend their products be used on lawns that are more than 13,500 square feet. (You can measure your lawn square footage from your phone or computer using my free lawn size calculator tool right here).

This service is more ideal for small to medium sized lawns. This ensures each of the products work effectively and make your entire lawn look healthy and maintained.

With that said, my contact at Sunday has told me they are working on some granular fertilizer products! Those will allow them to serve homeowners with large lawns as well. Stay tuned!

Types of Products They Deliver

Sunday Lawn Care Subscription Products

In addition to the lawn care subscription boxes with their hose-end sprayer and nutrient pouches, Sunday has recently started to expand their product line.

They now also offer:

  • Live plants and trees,
  • Garden tools and products, and
  • Pest control services.

Looking to redecorate your lawn or improve your landscaping and curb appeal? Sunday can now help you out there.

They will let you select whatever live plants and trees you want, and deliver them ready to plant.

Sunday also sells gardening tools and products to make planting and lawn maintenance easier.

Finally, they’ll deliver products to help control pests in your yard, made with natural yet effective ingredients.

You can learn more about all of these products on their website.

Additional Information

One of the main things that differentiates Sunday from other lawn care subscription services is the fact they use environmentally friendly products.

All of their packaging is recyclable or reusable. And all of the ingredients in their products are better for the environment than most products you’ll find at your local box store.

Since their products are safe for the environment, they are also safe for kids and pets. So if you have one, or the other, or even both (like me), you can rest assured that Sunday products are safe to use.

or learn more in my in-depth Sunday Lawn Care review.

Heads up!I’ve partnered with Sunday to bring my readers a special discount – you can save 15% on your annual lawn care subscription or any other product order from Sunday with promo code: LAWNCHICK2024


Another all-natural lawn care subscription service worth considering is Lawnbright.

An easy runner-up (because honestly I like it for many of the same reasons I love Sunday) is Lawnbright. This rising star in the space is an easily customizable lawn care subscription service. Your delivery comes with a detailed plan on how to use each of the products they send.

You only need to spend a little less than a minute on Lawnbright’s website, answering a few questions about your lawn. They will create an easy to follow plan to get your lawn into shape.

Subscribe to their annual lawn plan and Lawnbright will send products every 8 weeks. You can change your plan any time if you feel it’s not quite working for your lawn. Love the results and just want to order more product for an extra application of fertilizer? You can.

Like Sunday, these products are easy to apply to your lawn with nothing more than a hose, and I think that’s an important consideration when evaluating the total cost of any lawn care subscription (what else do I need?).

Here’s a short video that shares an overview of their lawn subscription plan:

Plans They Offer

Lawnbright offers a variety of plans based on what your lawn needs.

The first step you need to complete when getting your custom Lawnbright plan is to take a short quiz that asks a few basic questions about your lawn.

Your answers will let Lawnbright know what your lawn looks like, how often you fertilize and water it, and the region your lawn is in. 

Once you complete the quiz, Lawnbright will present you with their suggested plan. It details the products you will get in your box, how much you can expect to pay a month, and how many shipments you should expect to receive each year (usually 3 or 4).

Lawnbright also automatically pauses your prescription during the winter months, so you don’t have to worry about canceling and renewing next spring – if you’re happy with the results (and I think you will be), just let the good times roll! 

Lawnbright Pricing

The amount of money you will pay for Lawnbright somewhat depends on how big your lawn is.

On average, plans cost about $150-$210 dollars per month, with larger lawns costing more and smaller lawns costing less.

This is slightly more expensive than Sunday and some other plans, but it feels like you’re getting a lot more product (because you are). That difference accounts for the price difference.

Lawnbright Delivery - Reviewing Lawnbright's Lawn Care Subscription Products & Service

But for each plan, you get the same number of products. The main differences are the amount of product (larger lawns get larger product sizes) and how often you get shipments (larger lawns usually get four boxes a year, whereas a small lawn in the suburbs or city might only need three deliveries). 

Type of Products They Deliver

The products they offer for their lawn care subscription plans can also be purchased as separate products on their website. A few popular things their website sells include: 

Their two pack weed control costs $60 by itself, is designed to be safe for people and pets, and two bottles covers about 5,000 square feet.

If you have a smaller lawn, then this weed killer pack may last you a the whole season. If you have a larger lawn then you might need to buy more, but it still works very well. 

Lawnbright also offers a subscription for their natural tick and mosquito control solution. You can purchase it for a one time price of $35, or sign up to receive two shipments of four bottles each year for $225.

It’s made with organic ingredients and is able to control a variety of lawn pests, including: 

  • Ticks
  • Mosquitos 
  • Fleas
  • Grubs, and
  • Webworms 

Lawnbright’s pest solution includes everything you need to keep your lawn pest free. 

If you have any pets, then Lawnbright’s pet spot repair is a must for your lawn. It only costs $28 and one bottle will last you for a while.

It’s designed with organic and eco-friendly ingredients, yet still seeps into the soil quickly to buffer, biodegrade and remove pet urine that has gotten into the soil.

It also helps protect your lawn from future damage, so your pet can still do their business on your lawn without damaging it. I find this works well because like most dogs, my pooch has areas where he prefers do do his business every day.

Additional Information

The main other thing you need to know about Lawnbright is that all of their products are made with organic, eco-friendly materials and ingredients. For me, this is an important consideration – if you can deliver great results with an organic product line, I’m in!

Lawnbright Subscription Lawn Care Products

But I recognize this is not as important to everyone, so your mileage may vary.

A few of the ingredients Lawnbright uses in their products include: 

  • Cedar oil
  • North atlantic sea kelp 
  • Cornmeal 
  • Blackstrap molasses 

The main reason I rate them so highly is that their products are incredibly effective. , as evidenced by the multiple 4 and 5 star reviews left by happy customers on their website. If you want an affordable, customizable, and effective lawn care subscription service, Lawnbright is definitely worth a shot.


Lawnbox - Best Granular Lawn Care Subscription (organic)

If you want to focus on organic products in your lawn care but prefer to stick with how you’ve always fertilized your lawn (using granular products and a fertilizer spreader), then Lawnbox is my top pick.

It’s a little more expensive than other subscriptions, but you get 100% certified organic ingredients with high efficacy and a plan customized to your lawn size and condition.

Lawnbox is a great choice for homeowners with kids and pets. After all, the products are organic and safe, so no worries about exposure.

The products are 100% plant-based as well, which will appeal to some homeowners who have concerns about using animal waste and byproducts.

This company’s mission from the beginning was to create an easy-to-use organic lawn care subscription plan. As they explain on the site, finding and using organic products used to be a hassle. Lawnbox’s makes it easy.

Lawnbox Grass Genie  Fertilizer and Soil Saver I Tested Recently
Grass Genie 10-0-6 fertilizer and Soil Saver are products I’ve tested on my lawn.
I was pleased with the performance of both products.

Lawnbox products have earned an OMRI Listed for Organic Use label. To get this designation, all of the company’s product ingredients have been approved as organic by a third party.

This is truly a smart lawn care subscription service. It’s certainly easy to use! You don’t even have to know your property dimensions (though you can double-check them using my free lawn measuring tool). The company gets all that information by satellite when you put in your address.

Plans Lawnbox Offers

Lawnbox offers completely customized plans and service. No need to bother with measuring your space. Lawnbox will do it for you, via satellite.

Once the company has measured your property with satellite technology, it will know exactly how much product you need. Lawnbox will put together a customized lawn care plan, especially for you.

Timing is everything when it comes to lawn care. That’s why Lawnbox makes sure you always get your shipments at the right time to keep your lawn beautiful. There’s no waste. You only get what you need.

Lawnbox Shipment Packaging
One thing that impressed me with Lawnbox was that products were packaged extremely well. Not only was the box attractive, it was sturdy and arrived in nearly flawless condition. When ordering heavy shipments of fertilizer, this is not always the case, so I think it’s worth pointing out when a company does this well.

If you’d like, you can just order individual products from Lawnbox whenever you like. But a big advantage of subscribing is that you will enjoy significant savings. Also, you’re only sent the exact amount of product you need at a given time.

Lawnbox uses the characteristics and needs of your specific lawn to decide on the ideal products to make it healthy and beautiful.

Lawnbox Subscription Pricing

The cost of your Lawnbox subscription will depend on the size of your lawn and the products you need. Lawnbox figures it all out for you, so you don’t have to do any research on your own.

Of course, the larger your lawn, the more your subscription will cost, and because these are premium, plant-based and organic products you can expect to pay more than some other options on this list.

But a Lawnbox subscription can be a good investment, as you save money overall (about 10% in my experience) vs ordering their products individually. With a subscription, you get the exact amount of product you need and you’ll receive your shipments exactly when you need them.

And if you want to cut the cost, use my coupon code, LAWNCHICK at checkout. It will give you a 10% discount.

Lawnbox Discount Code / Lawnbox Coupon Code Savings
In the final step in the checkout process apply coupon code LAWNCHICK to your order and save up to 20% off your Lawnbox annual subscription

This Lawnbox discount code will deliver significant savings and get the price more in line with some of the other lawn care subscriptions listed on this page, though they are still on the top-end of the price scale in this category.

Types of Products They Deliver

All Lawnbox products are completely organic. They offer a range of premium organic lawn foods, as well as organic grub insecticide. You can even buy equipment here, like a quality fertilizer spreader.

The Lawnbox fertilizer range covers every need, with products for different stages of the year and lawn growth.

Lawnbox Organic Lawn Care Subscription Fertilizer Products

Most of their annual subscription plans start out with a combination of their three primary fertilizer products:

Lawnbox Pure Patch Lawn Food and Grass Seed

Grass Genie is formulated for use at the start of the growing season with a blend of quick and slow-release nitrogen.

If you just have some spots on your lawn that need repair, the Pure Patch lawn food is perfect as it contains some quality sun and shade grass seed along with t he fertilizer.

During the summer, treat your lawn to Lawn Luxe to help your turf deal with stressors, like heat and drought.

And to repair your entire lawn after the summer (and get it ready for the winter), you’ll want Fall Fix.

There is also an organic insecticide option here. It’s called GrubOut, and it’s an OMRI listed biological insecticide that won’t harm beneficial insects like pollinators or birds.

Lawnbox Grubout - Biological Insecticide
Lawnbox Soil Saver

I also like their Soil Saver amendment which combines gypsum, humic acid, calcium, and sulfur to condition your soil, loosen hard-packed soils and help the salt in their product line move through the soil at a faster rate. It’s a product I recommend adding to your annual lawn plan if it’s not recommended by default due to the sodium nitrate content of Lawnbox’s fertilizers (more on that in a moment).

What’s in the Fertilizers?

Just a few of the great organic ingredients found in Lawnbox products include soybean meal, sodium nitrate, amino acids, and humic acid.

Here’s a short video from the manufacturer about Grass Genie, their early-season fertilizer:

If you want organic lawn care but don’t like using animal biosolids or waste, Lawnbox is a good way to go. It’s tricky to find organic lawn products that don’t contain animal products, but Lawnbox has managed to make it happen.

Additional Information About Lawnbox

Lawnbox takes pride in making all of its products in the USA. Another perk is how you get access to lawn care experts, so you can ask questions and get guidance in creating the perfect lawn.

The Lawnbox plan is a great fit for homeowners looking for a 100% organic granular lawn care product subscription. If you want the ideal certified organic lawn care routine that’s simple to use and safe for pets and kids, I recommend signing up for Lawnbox.

Potential Drawbacks to Lawnbox Subscriptions You Should Be Aware Of

No lawn care product or program is perfect, and it’s important to me to share my thoughts about why these products may not work for you (not just why they will).

Here’s a short list of reasons why Lawnbox may not be the right fit:

  • No Biostimulants – Many of the organic products listed here contain sea kelp, which acts as a natural biostimulator. This improves the effectiveness of the fertilizer and produce more visible results for you, the homeowner. Lawnbox’s organic fertilizers do not contain this ingredient. It’s one of the reasons I recommend either Sunday or Lawnbright over Lawnbox.
  • Lacking Key Micronutrients – While you’ll be covered for the big three fertilizer nutrients (NPK), some key micronutrients are missing here. Lab-based soil tests will probably recommend these to optimize your lawn’s health and performance. You can supplement the program to get your lawn these micronutrients, but that will be on you. Other programs listed here tailor their offerings to fill in these nutrient gaps for you.
  • High Salt Content – Sodium Nitrate is in pretty much all of these products. It’s something that’s pretty high on the salt index. With natural animal waste fertilizers you don’t have to worry about this quite as much. In practice this means you need to be careful not to burn your lawn with Lawnbox. You also may have to apply gypsum annually to help that salt move through your soil. Their Soil Saver product contains Gypsum, but it may not be included in your plan. This means it will be an additional expense to budget for.
  • Zero Weed Prevention – If weeds are an issue for you in your lawn, you’re going to have to seek out pre-emergent herbicides or post-emergent lawn weed killers to manage weeds in your lawn. If you’re struggling with weeds, try an annual lawn care subscription from Jonathan Green or The Andersons instead.

Final Takeaway

Do these points mean that Lawnbox isn’t a good lawn care delivery option? Absolutely not. Each of the plans I’m including on this page offer a lot of great qualities, but it’s also important to be aware of their drawbacks and weigh these carefully as you decide which will work best for you and your yard.

TIP – If you use the code LAWNCHICK, you’ll get 10% off any order placed on The Manufacturer’s Website with my exclusive Lawnbox discount code.

Lawn Serv

Lawn Serv - a subscription lawn care solution

Next on the list is a lawn subscription box from a startup called LawnServ. With multiple different subscription tiers, all at very affordable prices and with high quality products, LawnServ comes highly recommended among yard workers.

It has a system where you can input the size of your lawn to get just the right amount of product.

After that, all you have to do is send them your soil and they will send you a tailored box of lawn care products.

LawnServ Subscription Lawn Care Box

The first box of the month is a bit different than the subsequent ones, but there is a reason behind that.

Plans They Offer

LawnServ offers three different subscription plans:

Traditional Monthly Lawn Care Subscription Box

The traditional subscription includes products that are mostly made of synthetic materials, but there are still some natural ingredients in them.

LawnServ Plans & Pricing

The products are primarily in a granule form (so you will need a spreader), but there are a few liquid products as well. The traditional subscription is the least expensive, at only $29 a month, and you only pay during the months of your delivery (or you can save 10% by paying the annual cost up-front).

This means that the cost of this option will vary depending upon where you live.

When paying annually the price range will typically be:

  • $182.70 – $261 / year for lawns up to 2,500 square feet,
  • $245.70 – $351 / year for a 5,000 square foot lawn,
  • $371.70 – $531 / year for a 10,000 square foot lawn, and
  • $497.70 – $711 / year for a 15,000 square foot lawn.

Mostly Natural Monthly Lawn Care Subscription Box

The mostly natural subscription tier gives you products that have more natural ingredients, but it does include synthetic weed control.

The subscription box also comes with both granule and liquid products, but a sprayer you can attach to the end of your hose is included, so you don’t have to worry about buying one.

The mostly natural box costs a little bit more at $39 a month. The exact price you pay will be somewhere in this range:

  • $245.70 – $351 / year for lawns up to 2,500 square feet,
  • $308.70 – $441 / year for a 5,000 square foot lawn,
  • $434.70 – $621 / year for a 10,000 square foot lawn, and
  • $560.70 – $801 / year for a 15,000 square foot lawn.

All Natural Monthly Lawn Care Subscription Box

Finally, the all natural box comes with products that are only made with natural ingredients.

It is also the same price as the mostly natural box, the key difference being that there’s no weed killer for your lawn in this one.

All natural products are safer for children and animals, and they are more gentle on your lawn than synthetic products. But if you aren’t worried about those factors, then the previous two boxes will be a great fit for you and save you some money.

Here’s how the pricing breaks down on Lawn Serv’s all natural monthly subscription box:

  • $245.70 – $351 / year for lawns up to 2,500 square feet,
  • $308.70 – $441 / year for a 5,000 square foot lawn,
  • $434.70 – $621 / year for a 10,000 square foot lawn, and
  • $560.70 – $801 / year for a 15,000 square foot lawn.

You’ll notice it’s the same price as their “Mostly Natural” plan – the trade off is that all of the products are natural/organic and the extra cost of that is off-set by the absence of synthetic weed control products (which are not included in this plan).

Lawn Serv Pricing

As stated before, LawnServ has a simple questionnaire that you fill out to indicate the size of your lawn, and your location after you pick your plan. This helps them determine just how much product you will need to last the month, and how many months of the year you’re likely to need products.

Subscription Lawn Box Reviews

These two factors determine your cost, and they will send you no more, no less than you need.

I will note that they don’t have a tool to easily calculate your lawn’s square footage (but I do, you can do that right here).

One positive is that pricing is very transparent with LawnServ. You don’t have to enter your email or personal information to see what you’ll pay for their different subscription plans, which is nice.

Of note – it’s 10% cheaper to pay upfront for an annual subscription (but you can pay month-to-month if you’d rather see how it goes early in the season).

With that said, if you compare apples-to-apples – it’s one of the more expensive options here. So judge for yourself if the premium, curated products from Lawn Serv are worth the extra money. It’s a good option, but many homeowners will be happier with either Sunday (if your lawn isn’t overly weedy), or DoMyOwn (if you’ve got a big weed problem).

Visit their website and you’ll see the cost for your lawn in a few clicks with no obstacles.

Types of Products They Deliver

Lawn Serv Soil Test Kit

LawnServ doesn’t just offer lawn care subscription boxes. They also sell everything you will need to maintain your lawn and make it look healthy year round.

However, these products are sold separately, so you will need to spend a little more in order to get them.

A few of the products that LawnServ has to offer include:

  • Fertilizers
  • Pest control sprays
  • Planters
  • Weed control sprays

You can mix and match the products you purchased, so LawnServ is a great one stop shop for all of your lawn care needs.

They’ve curated a nice selection of products from respected brands and manufacturers, catering to the type of consumer who is interested in a lawn subscription box to begin with.

Additional Information

As mentioned prior, the first box of the month will be a bit different than the subsequent boxes you receive.

The first box you receive will include a soil test kit and a season specific product. The soil test kit allows you to get a sampling of soil and send it back to the LawnServ experts.

They will analyze it carefully and figure out what your soil needs to be healthy and grow a beautiful lawn.

Delivery Schedule

The season specific product differs from box to box, depending on the season you get it in, and the number of deliveries you receive per year varies according to your growing zone:

Lawn Serv Delivery Schedule

Once the second and subsequent months hit, you will receive a wide array of products that are tailored to your lawn and your lawn only (based on the soil test results).

Products that will usually come in your subscription box include:

  • Weed control (excluding the all natural box)
  • Insect control
  • Customized professional fertilizer
  • pH Control

The ingredients in each product will depend on the subscription plan you got, but you will get some form of the above products in each.

They do a nice job of tailoring the fertilizer offerings to the results of your soil test as well, providing exactly what your lawn needs to thrive. I can also say that they select high quality products, such as Greenview fertilizer, TCS GrowStar, Jonathan Green, Neptune’s Harvest, and more.

DoMyOwn Turf Box

DoMyOwn Turf Box - a Lawn Care Subscription Service

The DoMyOwn Turf Box might have a bit of a complicated name, but their process couldn’t be easier.

It’s probably the most customizable option on this list, letting you choose what products you want based on the size of your lawn, where you live, and the type of grass you have.

You also have access to free professional advice at any time, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best lawn care possible.

Plans They Offer

DoMyOwn’s Turf Box offers three different plans, “programs” as they call them;

  • the weed prevention program,
  • the preventative disease control program, and the
  • weed and disease prevention control plan.

These plans and the products you receive really differentiate the DoMyOwn TurfBox from other lawn care subscription offerings.

If you have a troubled lawn and want to correct major issues like weeds or disease, this is the product line I recommend.

Weed Prevention Program

The weed prevention plan box comes with granular pre-emergent herbicides designed to stop weeds before they sprout.

You will receive this box through the spring and fall, ensuring your lawn has weed control all year round.

Weed Prevention in a Lawn Care Subscription Box
Does your lawn look like this? DoMyOwn’s TurfBox can help.

The first subscription box costs around $54, with subsequent boxes costing closer to $70. The box is sent to you in three installments from February to September.

Preventative Disease Control Program

The preventative disease control plan box comes with a selection of fungicides that your lawn needs to keep harmful diseases at bay. It comes in five shipments from April to August, and the first box costs only $35, with subsequent boxes being about $43.

Finally, the weed and disease prevention plan box includes both of the products mentioned above in one box.

You will receive different preventative products depending on the season. In the spring, you will receive pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds from growing.

Lawn Subscription with Weed Control

In the summer, you will receive preventative fungicides to protect your lawn from diseases. And in the fall, you will receive more pre-emergent herbicides to keep your lawn healthy all season long.

Weed & Disease Prevention Program

The weed and disease prevention program box is the same price as the preventative disease program.

However, it comes in eight shipments from February to September, so it does cost the most in the grand scheme of things. 

But it’s a great option for those that want to fully protect their lawn with the best products for it.

Price of the DoMyOwn TurfBox Subscription

DoMyOwn Turf Box is able to curate boxes and products for a wide range of lawn sizes, from 2,500 to 20,000 square feet (use this tool to measure your lawn square footage).

The prices of the boxes mentioned above do increase or decrease depending on how large or small your lawn is, but it’s worth noting that some of the companies here don’t have the capacity to treat larger yards (DoMyOwn does).

In my research into their pricing, the higher prices that may come with larger properties is in line with the increase in product received.

Types of Products They Deliver

In addition to its turfbox, DoMyOwn also offers pest control products and other lawn and gardening supplies.

They even have a whole other subscription box that centers around pest control, and it works very similarly to their lawn care subscription box.

Furthermore, they offer everything you need to make applying their products easier. From liquid sprayers to granular fertilizer spreaders, DoMyOwn Turf Box has it all.

Benefits of Using a Lawn Subscription Box Program

You do have to pay for these products separately, but they can be very useful assets when it comes to caring for your lawn.

Over the years I’ve always been impressed with the shipping and product quality I’ve received from this Georgia, USA-based company, and can recommend them to you without reservation.

Additional Information

DoMyOwn has a membership program you’ll be enrolled in when you sign up for their TurfBox. The main benefit is how much money you can save; members get 20% off on each Turf Box and 10% off all of the listed lawn care products offered on their website.

If you enjoy using DoMyOwn Turf Box and want to save some money, then the membership program they have is great for you.

The Scotts Program

Scotts Program - 4 Step Lawn Care Subscription Service

Last but not least, The Scotts Program has been around the longest out of all of these programs.

Starting in 1868, The Scotts Program has been providing quality lawn care that fits exactly what your lawn needs, when it needs it.

All you have to do is tell the system a little bit about your lawn, get the products shipped to you, and then follow the plan the system gives you.

Plans They Offer

Scotts Lawn Care Program

The Scotts Program is a system that determines a specific plan depending on what your lawn needs, what your goals for your lawn are, where you live, and many other factors.

As a result, the specific plans they offer and the prices that go with them are extremely dependent on what you want and need for your lawn.

However, a good rule of thumb to follow is that if you want or need more for your lawn, then you are likely going to pay more.

But if your lawn is smaller or you need a little less TLC for your lawn (you want to maintain it, rather than improve it), then you will likely not pay as much.

The Scotts Program works to not only find the best lawn care plan for you, but also the best pricing plan for you.

You can choose between a seasonal subscription, in which you pay per shipment, or save 10% by paying for an annual subscription, which is a one time payment.

The quiz they use to build your plan is very simple and straight-forward to use, including a sliding scale which helps you replicate the appearance of your lawn (its color, weed prevalence, grass thickness level, etc.).

It is almost fun to build your plan.

Pricing for The Scotts Lawn Care Subscription Program

As stated prior, the prices of the lawn care subscriptions somewhat depends on the size of your lawn.

If it’s a larger lawn, then you will likely be paying more. But if it’s a smaller lawn, then you likely won’t be paying as much.

The Scotts Program is very customizable, and with it, you’re able to create a plan that will work for a wide array of different sized lawns.

Scotts Lawn Program

Types of Products They Deliver

The main types of products The Scotts Program delivers are designed to make your lawn thicker and greener. It’s mostly synthetic fertilizer and weed and feed products – the same stuff you see at your local box store.

The program also provides you with specific instructions on how to apply their products. The plans include what order to apply them in, how much, and when to apply them.

You’ll need either a broadcast or a drop spreader, but once you have that, it only takes about 10 to 15 minutes a few times a year to fully complete the process of applying The Scotts Program to your lawn. The Scotts Program can be a great subscription if you want to save time, money, and get high quality lawn care, but it’s worth noting again that most of the products in the Scotts line are synthetic.

Differences Between Synthetic and Organic Products

This is important for a couple of reasons.

First of all – if staying organic with your lawn care products is important to you, forget it – Scotts isn’t for you. Choose Sunday or Lawnbright instead.

Also, synthetic products don’t really build your soil the way organic products do. If you take the long-view with lawn care, you can get and maintain a great lawn by taking care of the soil.

Over the years I’ve found that training your grass to rely on synthetic fertilzers may give you great short-term results. But if you pause at any point it’s like your grass has forgotten how to fend for itself. This means your lawn can look worse than when you started.

Personally I’m all about building a tough, resilient, and self-sufficient lawn. This is why I pay so much attention to soil health and composition.

This isn’t to say that you can’t pay attention to and foster soil health in your yard while using synthetic fertilizers. But it’s trickier than you might think.

Additional Information

It should be noted that many of the products and seasonal product packs that the Scotts Program offers can also be found on online retailers, such as Amazon (here’s a link to their Amazon store).

You can also find many Scotts products locally at Ace Hardware, The Home Depot, and elsewhere.

Scotts Lawn Program Products

Yes, you could definitely purchase the products on their own without the subscription plan. You won’t have the app, and you won’t enjoy the worry-free synergy of the plan. So if you go it alone you may not achieve the results you’re looking for.

Purchasing the products individually won’t give you the specifically curated plan for your lawn. And if you’re going to go with a subscription lawn service … isn’t that low-effort / no-planning aspect one of the most attractive selling points?

Purchased separately, the instructions to apply each product will still be there on the bag. But you may not have the perfect product on the first try. Or you may buy too much (or too little), which can lead to waste, or less desirable results.

Do You Need to Subscribe to the Scotts Lawn Program?

Perhaps after you understand the routine The Scotts Program creates for you, you can purchase the products somewhere else for a bit less money. Here are some of the Scotts program product sets for sale on Amazon:

And you can measure your lawn to get an accurate square footage measurement right here.

So you can definitely order their seasonal lawn care product line without joining the Scotts Lawn Program. But if you love Scotts products and want a done-for-you solution where you don’t have to think about logistics at all … sign up and pay a little extra.

From eating out to getting a haircut – we all pay a little extra from time to time for professionals to make our life easier.

What’s Included In A Lawn Care Subscription?

The things included in a lawn care subscription vary depending on the service and the plan you purchase.

Usually, the less expensive a lawn care subscription is, the less products come with it. On the other hand, the more a subscription costs, the more you get with it.

A few products that usually come with a lawn care subscription include:

  • Fertilizer
  • Weed killer
  • Pest control

Those three products are the staples, but the subscription might include more or less depending on what you subscribe to.

For example, Sunday may include some grass seed for overseeding your lawn to help it looking thick and lush. DoMyOwn may include some premium pre-emergent herbicide and fungicide to help correct and control existing issues in your yard.

So while each of these subscriptions does the same basic thing (sends you fertilizer in the mail, tells you how to use it), there are some nuances and differences. These will help determine which will best transform your lawn.

Keeping it Real: You Won’t Get Everything You Need

The lawn care subscription services described above all claim to have high quality products in each of their subscription tiers.

Based on the customer reviews and their reputations, it does seem like all of these subscription services deliver what they claim to have in their boxes and plans. So you should feel confident signing up for any of these services.

However, they do not deliver everything you’ll need.

For example, you’re still going to need a mower (and you might need to mow more often now that you’re taking care of your lawn and fertilizing it).

What's Included with a Lawn Box Subscription?

And if you’re receiving granular fertilizer products or pre-emergent herbicide in your lawn box, you’ll definitely need a good spreader.

And while hose-end sprayer products like those offered by Sunday and Lawnbright may not require much for special tools, you’ll still need a good hose that’s long enough to spray your whole yard. I own and recommend this one from Ace Hardware (also available on Amazon).

At around $70 that hose is on the pricey side, and you can definitely go with a cheaper one. But I wanted something that would last, that was lightweight, didn’t kink, and which was easy to store. For me, this one has checked all the boxes for 2 seasons and it’s still going strong. I recommend it.

So remember when you’re budgeting for this – the extra products you’ll need that aren’t included in the boxes must be purchased separately.

The space you have in your garage for lawn care equipment may help guide you toward one subscription service over another.

Type of Homeowner Who Should Buy a Lawn Care Subscription

While a lawn care subscription service can be very helpful, they aren’t for everybody.

The main reasons homeowners sign up for a lawn care subscription service are to save time (vs a complete DIY job) and money (vs hiring a professional).

Life is all about trade-offs.

If you’re looking for a middle-of-the-road solution that will save you some time (but also require some) and save you some money (but not as much as if you sourced all of the products yourself), this model is just what you are looking for.

The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all “solution” to lawn care, and anyone who tells you there is may be lying to you (or trying to sell you something).

Lawn care is a sliding scale from weedy mess to picture perfect, and the trick to being happy with your lawn is doing what’s right for you.

After all – the lawn is there for us to enjoy.

Best Lawn Care Subscription - One That Helps You Enjoy Your Lawn

My advice is to focus on the personal pride and satisfaction that comes with a well-maintained lawn. Forget about the idea of competition, keeping up with (or outdoing) your neighbors, and work toward a lawn that works for you and your family.

If a low-effort, zero-planning subscription is going to work well for you, pick an option and sign up today.

Subscribing to a lawn care service can help you save some time and money, while still giving you the pride that comes with caring for your own lawn.

I think that’s a formula that works for a lot of busy families.

Is a Lawn Care Subscription Right For You?

It depends on

  • your budget,
  • your interest in lawn care, and
  • your goals.

The good news is that unlike a timeshare contract – all of the subscription services mentioned above allow you to cancel anytime if you find it isn’t a great fit. (really.)

And a few have discount offers for first time customers.

Personally, I’m in the “if it sounds too good to be true, it is” school. But I also attend “if it sounds really good, well … I want to try it!” night school.

I’ve had first-hand experience using some of the products offered by all nine of the subscription services listed here. I can vouch for the efficacy of their product lines (if that’s helpful).

Whether or not a subscription lawn care model will work for you is a personal choice … but I hope you’re finding the information shared here informative as you make that choice.

So let’s recap your options (broadly speaking):

Lawn Care Subscription Service vs DIY Superhero vs Hiring a Pro

If you find that a subscription service isn’t for you, then the two other options you could try are DIY lawn care (grab my cheat sheet to get a quick plan of action) or hiring local services.

DIY Lawn Care

DIY, or do it yourself lawn care is a very popular choice for homeowners that like their lawns a certain way.

Lawn Care Subscription Box vs DIY Lawn Care

All of the subscription services mentioned above support any homeowner that wants to work on their lawn themselves, but need (or want) a little help.

Taking care of your lawn completely on your own means:

  • finding the right products,
  • buying the right amount,
  • applying them the right way, and possibly
  • experimenting a little if the routine you set isn’t working out.

While it’s generally a little cheaper to buy products individually, you can expect to spend some extra time on research to get things right.

But if you prefer to do things your own way, and like the thrill of the hunt (for the perfect product), this can be a good option for you.

It’s what I do.

Hiring Local Pros

Hiring local services means you will pay someone else, usually teams of people, to do the entirety of your yard work for you.

This means you won’t have to lift a finger in your yard (until it’s time to write a check).

The only thing you really need to worry about is finding the right local service for you. And to be honest – that can be tricky.

Lawn Care Subscription Box vs Hiring a Professional Landscaping Company for Lawn Care

A few things you should consider when looking for a local lawn service include:

  • How much they charge
  • The type of products they use
  • Customer reviews
  • If they are licensed and insured

Pricing of Professional Lawn Care Service

Pricing is very important when selecting a lawn service. You want to go with someone that is within your price range, but will still give you high quality service.

You also want to be sure they itemize their prices so you know how much each service will cost. This allows you prioritize and stay within your means.

Products & Equipment

Local lawn care services will usually use their own products, from fertilizer to mowers. It’s recommended to see what brand of products the service uses. It’s your job to make sure you’re on top of how toxic these applications are.

If staying organic is important to you, some local companies will be eliminated from contention right away.

Pesticide Lawn Sign

And remember – when lawn equipment moves from property to property, that comes with some risk. It’s likely that if other customers have an invasive weed problem or lawn disease, the equipment will pick up those seeds or spores. This means those will be carried to your lawn and vice-versa.

This comes with the territory when you pay for someone else to do the work. But it’s something to be aware of.


Checking the customer reviews is also very important. They can give you a positive or negative snapshot into how well the business is doing. They’ll also tell you what level of service you can expect.

This will help you make an informed decision and avoid any business that will hurt your lawn, or possibly something worse.

License & Insurance

Finally, you should check if the lawn care company is licensed according to local business laws in your area. And (most importantly) make sure they can show you valid proof of insurance.

  • A service that’s licensed indicates that they know what they’re doing and what’s expected of them. If they aren’t licensed, it’s a pretty strong indicator that they might be shady.
  • The same goes for insurance. If they are insured with general liability and worker’s compensation coverage, then it’s a solid sign. You’ll know they are legitimate and will conduct business properly.

Furthermore, if something goes wrong, then it won’t be on your shoulders to cover the cost of damages.

Subscription Service

A lawn care subscription service gives you the best of both worlds. You can do the majority of lawn work on your own, but you still have the advice of experts to help you take care of your lawn properly.

Plus, you’ll get all of the products you need delivered right yo your doorstep. You won’t have to worry about shopping around, or wondering if you’re fertilizing too early, too late, or too much.

My Lawn Care Service Recommendation

Lawn Care Subscription Box Delivery

Let’s face it – once we were introduced to the subscription box model, America fell in love. You can get razors, toys, clothes, and dinner all delivered to your door without having to think about it.

Subscription lawn care is no different, and these subscription boxes aren’t going away anytime soon.

I think a lot of my readers would welcome the “show up and execute the plan” mentality of a lawn care subscription. So my advice is that you pick one of the 9 high-quality lawn subscription box offers listed on this page and give it a try.

Even if the results aren’t quite as dialed in as the guy or gal down the street – you’ll enjoy the satisfaction that comes with doing the work yourself. Plus, you’ll enjoy avoiding the headaches that come with lawn care logistics.

And I’ll be honest and say that the logistics are my least-favorite part of caring for my lawn.

I love the doing, and I love the results.

With a lawn care subscription you get both.

Whether you go with Sunday, Lawnbright, Lawnbox, or one of the other options on my list, my guess is you’ll find there’s a lot to enjoy about taking this approach to lawn care.

Now over to you – have you tried these products? I’d love to hear about some of your experiences (the good and the bad) in the comments!

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