Backyard Lawn Ideas

59 Backyard Lawn Ideas for a Landscape You’ll Love

Just moved into a new home and looking for ways to revamp the backyard space? Or maybe you’ve been living in your home for years and just need some new ideas for now to transform your outdoor area? Whether you have a large budget or a tiny one, there are plenty of things you can do to make your backyard more beautiful. Keep scrolling to discover my list of 59 backyard lawn ideas for a landscape you’ll absolutely love!

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How to Remove Grass to Start a Garden

How to Remove Grass to Start a Garden (without weeds)

Maintaining a modest lawn not only takes physical effort, but it also uses up lots of your resources. You need to water and mow your lawn regularly to maintain its lush green color and prevent weeds from growing. You also may need to re-seed and apply fertilizers to ensure that the turf grass continues to flourish. But why do all this hard work when you can allocate that space to growing a beautiful garden instead? You’ll need to remove the grass and replace it with flowers or herbs to start your garden.

In this article, I’ll tell you how to remove grass to start a garden the right way. We’ll cover how to remove the grass to prevent weeds from overtaking your new garden bed and help it thrive.

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Lawn Alternatives

Grass Lawn Alternatives: Eco-Friendly Landscape Options

Having a grass lawn is not as eco-friendly as you might think. Yes, it’s still green space, but it doesn’t actually support wildlife and the required maintenance can take a toll. There are several alternatives to grass lawns that are more eco-friendly and usually lower maintenance. Replacing grass lawn space with one of these popular lawn alternatives is a great way to be kinder to the environment and enjoy your property in a different way.

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Wildflower Lawn

Why a Wildflower Lawn Might be a Great Choice for You

Having a lush and uniformly green lawn is the ultimate goal for many folks. After all, having a gorgeous lawn has often been associated with being a status symbol, particularly in North America. A perfectly manicured lawn was historically something that only people with time and resources could achieve. While it is much more attainable now with modern products, some people are still more interested in keeping their property low maintenance. Others are aiming for a more environmentally friendly alternative. Wildflower lawns are the perfect solution for if either describes you.

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